Friday, 30 August 2013

Lotus Herbals Kiwi & Grapes revitalizing skin polisher review!

Hi girls,

I think I have very less number of skincare reviews on my blog. I do use a lot of skincare but before I can remember to click pictures of it I finish it up and throw it in the dustbin haha. Anyways I really think scrub is a very important part of the skincare. I do scrub my skin once or twice a week with a delicate scrub. The one I m reviewing now is the one I have been using since the past few months.

Price:- I m so sorry I forgot again, somewhere around 200/-

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Revlon Mad About Mauve lipstick review plus FOTD!

Hiya girls,

I m back with another lipstick review. It has been so long since I last reviewed a lipstick. Lipsticks are my favorite part of makeup. I just love buying them and also reviewing them. I think on my blog I have the maximum number of lipstick reviews. Lets get on with this one :)

Price:- 525/-

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Body shop Cottonseed Curl boosting serum review!

Hi girls,

A few days ago I had posted about my recent haircare routine. Today I thought I would write about one of my favorite products these days in detail. If you want to see my haircare routine, go check this link here. I did not have really curly hair when I was young but as I grew my hair has become so much curlier. I love the texture now and would not trade it for anything. The one problem I have at times is that my hair can get frizzy but I m glad I found the perfect product to keep those curls in place. Read on to know more about it.

Price:- 795/- for 150 ml

Friday, 23 August 2013

Polka dotted me- Outfit of the day!

Hi girls,

Long time no seeee. I have been so sick the past few days that I could not even open my blogger to post something. I went to watch 'The Conjuring' yesterday and wanted to dress up a bit since its been like soooo long. So I thought I d click pictures for you all. Hope you like them :)

I love this Polka dotted dress of mine. I ordered it online from along with my Black Maxi. You can see pictures from the Black Maxi here

I paired it with my Guess watch and blingy black pumps which I got for such a good deal :)

Here are some pictures :)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Makeup of the night!

Hi girls,

Here is a quick makeup look I wore to my Team's dinner party. I was kind of running late and took like just 10 minutes to do my makeup and hair. I love this Lace shirt my sis gifted me :-* and also the neckpiece that goes so well with the tee.

I hope you all like it and do share with me what you think :)

Outfit of the day: Red suit!

Hi girls,

How have you all been? I m finally going home today. YaY. Before I go back and get all busy at home I thought I would share these posts with you.  This is a new supposed to be Palazzo suit I got stitched but the tailor stitched it too short making it almost a Capri suit. I dont like too much messing with my suits but I think it did not look too bad and was a bit of a change.

I love the Maroon red color of my suit and I paired it with simple silver bangles and my trusty Done By None heels. Here are a few pictures, hope you all like them :)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

As beautiful as Your work!

Hey everyone,

I am participating in the Tanishq bloggers contest where you have to write about a woman who is as beautiful as her work. You can see the latest MIA ad by Tanishq here. More on the range at

When I come to think about it there is only one person that sticks out most prominently in my mind and that would be my mother who has always been an inspiration and a guide in my life.

Before I begin, I d like to state that every woman is beautiful in her own work, be it a simple homemaker who gives so much of her effort and energy to change a house into a home, or be it a working woman who is constantly giving efforts to achieve goals and contribute to her nation.

 But let us start with the woman in my life who is as beautiful as her work. First let me start off with telling you a little bit about her.  She is a homemaker turned into a successful business woman. She overtook the family business when my father passed away 6 years ago, ever since she has been doing multitasking handling the household as well as the business.  Smart, confident and a very successful entrepreneur she is as beautiful as her work.

Her skills actually amaze me at times, the way she so efficiently finishes all the daily chores and then goes and handles the business. I am working too but I get so tired after a day at work that I hate doing the household chores, I wonder where she gets so much of energy from, shes more than double my age ^_^ And I have never heard her ever complain on how much she had to do for us or on how much work she has to do every day again and again. 

 And let me tell you, shes not geeky at all, she loves to dress up and wear lovely jewelry.  She loves diamonds, rubies and emeralds and loves to wear complementary colors with her outfits. That is also one of the main reasons she was the woman that came in my mind when I saw the MIA by Tanishq ad. I believe every woman should wear jewelry, after all its made for us ;-)

Incredibly strong and willing to stand up for her rights makes her every bit more beautiful.  I have seen her fight in the most graceful way for what is hers and never give up on what she deserves.  I wish I can have some of that will power and strength so that I know well how to stand up for what I deserve.

As a mother she has always made sure that my sister and I always got the best education, the best facilities and even now after we are both grown up she has never said no to anything that we have ever wanted and has always made sure that we got all that we needed and that we never felt that something in life is missing. She is at this time fulfilling the role of both a father and a mother and has never let us feel that we are missing a parent. I love the childish expression on her face when she is excited and when she gets something she really likes. It makes my day and makes me want to do so much more for her to see that lovely cute expression.

All in all my mother is as beautiful as her work be it in whatever field, it can be business, household, teaching or anything else. She is the guiding light in my life and I wish that one day God makes me capable enough to be atleast half as good as she is, so that someday I have someone write about me in ‘As beautiful as her work’. She is the perfect MIA.

Here is a small poem I wrote for her which in a few lines tells so much about her:-

I ll tell you about my mom,

A lady who mostly remains calm.

Shes very sweet,caring and funny,

Her love makes my every day so bright and sunny.

She is very pretty, beyond a doubt,

A woman i ll tell you all about.

She has faced a lot in her life,

But bravely she overcame every strife.

She is very strong,

And i am so proud that she is my mom.

I want to give her lots, even her birthday is drawing near,

One things i want is to never give her tears.

I want to make her happy, give her everything,

Just like shes always given to every being.

She always tries to give us love even on dad's behalf,

But secretly i know that she misses him even more than us.

She is a really good actor, can imitate almost every one,

She makes every day truly very fun.

She becomes very angry when her suits dont fit,

At times i think one of the tailors might take a hit!

She takes care of our dogs and loves them a lot,

Even though she scolds me for not letting them be properly taught.

Happiness is what i wish for her forever and ever.

A life full of love, but sadness never.


Love you mommy!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Outfit of the day: Maxi dress Part 2!

Hi girls,

As you all know I love Maxi dresses, see the part one here. I had ordered two dresses online from I thought I got a good deal on it. I ordered one other which is still to reach me. There are a few adjustments I need to make in this dress but you guys let me know how you find it :)

Its pretty comfortable to wear but still needs some fixing. Here are the pictures without any further blabber :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

L'oreal Cast My Girls contest!

Hi everyone,

Here another interesting contest by L'oreal. I want my besties here with me to participate in this oneeeeeeeeee :)

Here are further details for you all :)

From L'oreal Paris:-

For the first time ever, we are giving a chance to one girl & her two best friends to star in the next Casting Crème Gloss ad with Sonam Kapoor!

The rules are very simple:
STEP 1: Buy a pack of Casting Crème Gloss with its unique code inside
STEP 2: Color your hair and click a picture with 2 of your best friends
STEP 3: Go to the Cast My Girls Contest on Facebook: , upload your entry picture and tag your girl friends before you submit your entry.

Dont miss out on the chance and participate :)

Current Haircare routine for Colored curly hair!

Hi girls,

Finally here I am presenting to you my haircare routine. These are all the products I have been using regularly everytime I wash my hair to make sure it looks healthy. I got my hair colored about a month ago, although it did not affect the texture too much but for the week after the color it had become so frizzy and looked so bad. Thats when I got serious about my haircare. Lets start in order :)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Makeup of the day: Winged liner + Light pink lips!

Hey everyone,

Heres my makeup look of the day. I wanted to wear Kajal but since the eye infection I dont want to risk infecting my makeup, hence I went with Winged liner. I matched my lipstick to my stockings which were light pink. I love this lipstick lately, incase your wondering its Airy Fairy by Rimmel and it has slowly become one of my favorite these days :) 

Here are the pics, the light is a bit washed out please excuse that. Hope you like them :)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lakme CC cream final review + How it looks on me!

Hiya girls,

I am finally ready to share with you my impressions on the new CC cream from Lakme. While my first impression on it was pretty bad, my opinion has changed a bit overtime and I have become comfortable using it. I still wont call it the best out there, but it definitely is nt bad.

Price:- 225/- Damn I keep forgetting the prices lol
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