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Welcome to my blog everyone!

This is my attempt to share my views with you guys. I have been silently observing many websites and products and finally I have taken it to the next level. I am a Computer engineer by profession who has a deeply rooted interest in all things beauty. I have been addicted to it since I was a little girl. All those colours and shapes have always attracted me so much.

Apart from makeup and beauty, I love animals. I have two dogs. One is a stray that we adopted and her name is Ally. The other is a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia. Both of them are absolute sweethearts and whenever I get the chance, I feature them in some of the pictures.

I have one sister and I belong to Ferozepur, Punjab which is a not so developed town with one main attraction which is an Indo-Pak border.

If you want to ask me any questions or want some specific reviews then feel free to contact me at my email id which is




Maurish Sharma said...

nice outlook for the blog...i really liked it...

Goga said...

thank ya :)

Ablaze Aqua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeeshan Umar said...

Nice knowing you girl :) just knew your name is harman. thats a pretty unique name!

xx Jeeshan

Goga said...

@Jeeshan- Thank you :)

Lips n Berries said...

So cool to have found you girl!!! I'm from Faridkot if that makes you feel better and we don't have any attraction in our city..hahahah!! Gonna stalk your blog from now on .. so stoked to find a homie.... :)

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