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The body shop bronzer in Warm glow review

Hey guys,
I just noted that I have not reviewed many cheek products on my blog yet. So I thought I would review one of them. This one is a so called bronzer ( Liar Liar pants on fire) but I have no idea why they names it so. It is definitely not a bronzer but a highlighter. Atleast as far as my thoughts are. Bronzers should be dark and much less shimmery. Obviously you would nt have too much of shimmer beneath the cheek bone, it would plainly look weird. So all in all I have no idea why it is a bronzer as per The body shop people.

But anyhow whatever it is, the product is amazing. It is my first and only highlighter till now and I like it a lot.

Price:- 1075/-

The body shop is always a delight to visit. Their lovely fragrance and the cute and yummy looking products are mood lifting. It is really a pity that a person like me lives in a city where the closest mall is in another city 2 hours away. Oh how I wish my city would progress and get just some little stores, maybe a Mac, The body shop, Mango, Forever 21 or something like that ;-) I am definitely going to be their devoted visitor. Anyhow back to the topic again. :-D

As you all know highlighters can be used to highlight some certain parts on your face to give a more healthy, glowy and polished look. They are mainly used on the highest part of the cheek so that light reflects from there and you look as if you're glowing. It can also be used on the bridge of the nose, the cupid's bow etc etc. So if you are fond of having that glowy kind of a look you should not miss out on highlighters. I have not tried too many of highlighters, just this one which looked really nice when the SA put it and since we were shopping for my sister's vanity we bought it. It is a bit expensive but it is still comparatively cheaper than MAC mineralize ones which are the same quantity as this one and I think one of them is similar too.

At night parties, people like to have a more shiny and glowy skin. If you like that too then you can take this highlighter and use it at the highest point of your cheeks. You just have to swirl the brush in this and apply it to the apples.

This product has such fine and micro milled shimmer. It looks really subtle on the skin and there is zero fall out when you try to use this. I love it for its texture. It soo smooth and finely milled. It looks pretty and not over the top at all.

If you are a matte blush fan but want to amp it up sometimes, you can use this to make it looks shimmery and ideal for night time. There are actually three different colours in it which you can use individually or mix them together. I have never tried it on as a blush and I have no idea how it would look like one. This product was constantly used by me on my sister's wedding and it made my face glow in the pictures.

The lasting power is pretty good. It lasted the entire party since it is only a highlighter. There are two different colours in it and I have no idea at the moment what the other colour looked like.

The price is pretty high since we have our own local Lakme which came out with a highlighter. For beginners if you want to spend lesser amount then you can go for that one. But if you want a more promising one then go with this and if you want even more expensive then toh you know all the options, heheheh.

Overall, I can say this is a nice product and can be used as a highlighter but if you are a beginner I would nt really call it a must have product. It does have its uses but is not a must have.

See the swatches below:-
The 3 different colours

All of them blended, see the glowy effect.

1. No fall out
2. Fine shimmer
3. Lasts all day
4. Does not look over the top.
5. Available anywhere The body shop is.

1. Expensive
2. Not a bronzerrr

So buy it if you need a highlighter, dont want to spend on Mac, like the glowy effect.
Dont buy if you are a matte person, dont like shimmer on your face, or simply have no idea how to use it.


Ruby Parmar said...

am lovin it ;)

Goga said...

i m glad you liked it :) thank you for commenting :)

Preetha Karthik said...

wow..seems to be gud..iv never tried tbs ka not much into highlighters but wanna try one..nice review

Goga said...

This is the only makeup I have from them but I really lile it. You should give it a try :-)

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Beautiful Shade :-)


Today's Recipe
Kesar Kulfi

Niesha said...

Nice review harman..
I have Milani baked bronzer that looks quiet similar..
I am following you now.:)
and liked on face book too.:)

Goga said...

thank you Shruti di :) it is very nice

Goga said...

thank you for following and commenting Niesha :)

Vish said...

nice review n nice shade :)
i loved the finely textured shimmer

Goga said...

thank you :) The texture is indeed really nice :)

Shourima Ghosh said...

its more like a highlighter than a bronzer!

Goga said...

i totally agree. Bronzers need to be more pigmented :) Thank you for commenting

Aarti Gupta said...

hey harman..this is aarti...i have been to ur blog a number of times...and i really like what u post and discuss!! keep it up..good going..shall call u when i wil buy for my cosmetics for my vanity

Goga said...

Thank you so much didi :)

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