Thursday, 2 August 2012

BEE-One neem and tulsi face pack review

Hi guys,

Hope your day is going well. I had a wonderful vacation in Europe. I am back with the review of another face pack. This is a relatively inexpensive face pack which I really like. Read on to find more about it.

Product description:- Its all mentioned in the picture below

Price:- 60/-

My take on it
A few months back when summer started and the weather changed, I started having these ugly looking pimples on my forehead near my eye brows. I don’t have too much acne prone skin even though I have a pimple or two once a while. But around that time I started having all sorts of pimples which I don’t like. Infact it used to be that one pimple used to fade away and was suddenly followed by another one. My brother-in-law actually named me headlight and tubelight because of the pimples shining on my forehead.
SO one day I went to the market and got two of these packs, one for eliminating pimples and other for fading the marks. Then came the time for my graduation photoshoot. I just wanted to look flawless and so I used both the packs regularly. And when the time for the photoshoot came I had no pimple and minimal marks thanks to the regular usage of the packs.

I have combination skin and I don’t know why but I have this feeling that getting facials or massages gives me acne. So I always prefer using packs over facials. Also I scrub regularly to keep my skin feeling soft. I used this acne pack a lot and it helped control the acne which had become too regular. Once I tried it on when I had a big shining pimple on my forehead and I applied this pack. To my surprise that very zit disappeared much faster than it does normally. It healed quickly too. Ever since then I have a firm belief in these packs.
When it comes to using face products I always go for organic stuff because I have super sensitive skin which just needs a chance to react. And even though this pack is inexpensive I think it does its job really well. I believe that ayurvedic kind of things are best suited for use on the face since they do not have any side effects.

The pack is very thick in consistency and is easy to apply. Its muddy white in colour and dries in about 20 minutes. This particular pack is recommended for use about twice or thrice in a week. I had used it regularly so that I did not have bad skin till my group picture. For all you acne prone ladies out there, I think its worth giving this a try since its not too expensive and so you can actually see if it works for your skin or not. The pack has a herbal type of a smell which is not too strong. Since I don’t have too much acne I cannot really compare if it helps control that, but it has worked for me when my skin was getting acne issues.
If it is available near you, you should definitely check it out.

1.       Inexpensive
2.       Good quantity
3.       Does not dry out the face
4.       Helps control acne
5.       Can be used more than once in a week

1.       I am not sure but availability might be an issue

Will I repurchase?
When this finishes, if I still have acne then definitely


Anonymous said...

wow I wish to find it somewhere soon...

Goga said...

i think it would be available at some average cosmetic stores :) i got mine in Punjab

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