Saturday, 4 August 2012

The body shop shea lip butter

Hey everyone,
I am back with the review of another lip products. This time its lip care rather than lip color. This is one product that i bought mainly for its fragrance. Due to some odd reason I am obsessed with everything that smells like vanilla or shea. One day at The Body shop i was looking at little lip cutter tubs and the fragrance of one just caught my notice. I left it that day and after that I found myself thinking more and more about it, until finally it was gifted to me. I was so glad that day. :)

Price:- 225/-

Ingredients:- I tried to click a picture of it but they re printed in such a small text, so i wonder if you guys can read that.

I bought this lip butter in the winters. It was so hard that I did not get enough quantity with my finger. I had to scrape it off with the back of my nail. At that time i found it pretty hard to use. Besides that I found it unhygienic too, since I had to dip my fingers in it. I used it for a while and did not get any satisfactory results from it because my skin was so bad at that time. I had eczema breakouts all over and everything made it worse.

After that I recently started using it again. And since its summers, it is so much easier to use now. I dont use it in the daytime because being a lip butter it is white in colour and look so weird on your lips. I prefer to use it at night with the rest of my night routine.

The best part, it smells amazing. And it is the proper maintenance for my lips. I put a good layer of it on every night right before going to sleep and believe me I wake up with such soft lips and at times a thin layer of this lip butter too. It is really good. I have no idea how this would work on extremely chapped lips because I dont have chapped lips, so cant really comment on that. But it does help heal my eczema.

I feel this thing does have a weird taste. It pretty weird like it touches your throat or something ( If that even made sense). But that may be because I use it in a large quantity.

The only thing I dont like about this is that I have to dip my fingers in it which i dont really like. So if that bothers you too much, you should skip it. Otherwise if you want something extra special to care for your lips, then definitely go for it. I am surely buying it in the futer after this tub gets over. It just feels amazing.

Lets just sum it up :-)

1. Gives soft lips
2. Smells wonderful
3. Available at all the body shop outlets
4. Not heavy
5. Cruelty free too

1. Tub packaging. But I guess that cannot be helped either right? Its a lip butter after all.

Would I buy again?
Yes, definitely.

Until tomorrow, byee!


indian beauty central said...

I used this but it leaves strange whitish cast on the lips, totally unflattering to look at,I used mine up as a nighttime lip butter coz it hydrates well

Goga said...

i know. I also dont like that white cast. Its my night time lip butter. :) thank you for commenting :)

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