Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The lipsticks I bought in the past year + a dupe

Hey everyone,
I have this unhealthy habit of continually admiring all my makeup items, particularly the lipsticks. So i just decided that I should share my recent ( One year to be precise ) lipstick buys with you all. Most of them I have reviewed on my blog and one of them has been reviewed by me on IMBB, I shall provide the link for it too. Here is the post and I hope you guys like it :)

1. Bobbi brown in Brownie Pink. 
    Reviewed here

2. Mac lipstick in See sheer 
    Reviewed here

3. Mac lipstick in Cosmo
    Reviewed here

4. Chambor Powder matte lipstick in Dessert Rose
    Reviewed here

5. Lotus Herbals Pure colour in Peach creme
    Reviewed here

6. Lotus Herbals Floral glam in O' Orange
    Yet to be reviewed

7. Lotus Herbals Floral glam in Sensuous mauve
    Reviewed here

8. Lakme Enrich Satins in number 132
    Reviewed here

9. Colorbar Velvet matte in Pretty Please
    Reviewed here

Here are some more pictures and swatches of them:-

And here is the proof that Mac Cosmo is very similar to Lotus Herbals floral glam in Sensuous mauve.

Left- Lotus Sensuous mauve
Right- Mac Cosmo

I guess the difference lies mainly in the undertones. 
Lotus one has mauve sort of undertones while the Mac one is has brownish ones

Oh well, I need a new template, this one eats up a part of the pictures, hungry guy. :-/
Hope you guys likes this post. Let me know in your comments :)


Pout Pretty said...

Loved O Orange..getting that for sure :)

Goga said...

I m sure you d like it if you love orange colours :)

smita singh said...

goga all colors are nice :)

Ruby Parmar said...

But nothin can beat Mac Cosmo :)

Goga said...

hanji they really are :)

Maurish Sharma said...

nice way of demonstrating, brands and color names....doing a great job...i am impressed...:-)

Goga said...

thank you Maurish :) i m glad you liked it too :)

indian beauty central said...

See sheer just climbed up a few notches in my lust list! Lovely collection, even I love admiring all my lippies and shadow :P

Goga said...

thank you :) i guess we re all same in terms of makeup :P

Anonymous said...

I have O orange.. love it soo much that I can wear it continuously for several days...nice collection :)

Goga said...

thank you :) I have nt used it much yet but i like it a lot too :)

Coral Crue said...

all the shades you have chosen are very elegant and classy

Goga said...

Thank you Coral crue :) Thats so sweet of you

Bhumika said...

I have Sensuous Mauve..but it comes up more pinky mauvey on me..

Goga said...

I really like it.. Thank you for commenting :)

Mona said...

The shades are quite good and really inspires me to show case my set of lip products .. :D

Goga said...

@Mona- Please do, I would love to see that :)

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