Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Sapphire Ice review

Hello guys,
                Finally the weather here in my city is turning so much better and I am so glad about it. It makes my mood good for the whole day. I thought I would write about an eyeshadow quad which I own.

A while ago I won a contest on's Facebook page. As a prize I got many beauty goodies. This eyeshadow quad was one of them. It is a collection of blue based eyeshadows and can be used to create a smokey eye effect.

Price:- 240/- as mentioned on the pack

Until a little while ago, I just did nt use any eyeshadows. I used to find them too over the top. But lately I have become a big fan of them and I love using them. Personally my favorites are the neutral colors. I just love collecting neutrals as they can be worn everyday. This eye shadow quad is nice but it can only be worn when you want to go for some specific look or when you want to match to your dress.

Also the pigmentation on these is pretty average, they re not intensely pigmented colours. I had to swipe them so many times to get the colour to show up on my skin. I have worn this eye shadow quad only once, that way the day I opened my gift package. I hope I can get a few more wears out of this one.

The absolute worst part about Maybelline, Loreal, Max factor etc is that they test on animals. I am an animal lover person and I hate that they do this. Which is the reason why I generally buy their products pretty less than the other brands.

The eye shadows have a little bit of fall out, it is not too much. Since the colours are not overly pigmented, you can easily carry out the smokey eye look created by it. On the back of the pack, there are instructions on how to create different eye looks with it. This can be of great help to people who have newly started out in makeup. The quad comes with 2 applicators which I rarely use as I like using brushes to apply my eye shadows.

In short I am pretty much okay with these eye shadows. The colours can be used to create different looks. I like the highlight colour the most. Since it was my very first prize I find it special. For the price it is a great buy. If you are looking for such colours you can go ahead and buy this quad.

Do let me know if you want to see how it looks on the eyes. See the individual colour swatches below.

1. Easily available
2. Inexpensive
3. 4 colours for the price of one quad
4. Versatile

1. Tests on animals
2. Not too pigmented
3. Average lasting power

My rating:- 3/5


Bhumika said...

Looks perfect for a blue n silver combo..

Pout Pretty said...

I have this one and think they are discontinued now?? Guess its ok for the price

Goga said...

Tht way it is really nice. But not too wearable colours. Thank u for commenting :-)

Goga said...

I dont really know. I never saw these ones until I won it. :-)

Apoorva said...

I'm looking for a nicely pigmented MATTE palette! Most of the branded palettes in the market are glittery or satin finish!

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