Thursday, 16 August 2012

Eos lip balm in Passion fruit review

Hello guys,
I was just lazing around today and thinking that I should write a review, but was sort of confused what to write about. Suddenly my egg shaped lip balm comes in front of me and it hits me instantly, yes this is what I will write about. SO here goes the review. :-)

A long time back I saw these lip balms on the internet. My sister was in USA at that time and I emailed her telling that I wanted one of these in summer fruit flavor. She got me that, and my reaction when I first put it on, ewwwwww, this smells so strong and bad. I dont like it at all. It does not impart any shine to my lips.. NOOO, and disappointed I gave it to my sister. She really liked it.

Now that I look back, I actually wonder was that one so bad since I again asked my cousin to send me these a few months ago. I had decided to give it another try and I am so glad I did.  I actually thought that Strawberry sorbet and passion fruit would be better. And Boy, I was so right. They are absolutely wonderful. I just wish I had asked for either of these limited edition flavours back then instead of summer fruit. Anyways onto the review now :)

Price- You can check it online, I think it differs at different sites. I have a pack of three which was around 9$ i assume.

This lip balm is 95% organic which really appealed to me because I like using organic stuff on my lips. My lips react badly to some stuff because I have eczema on my face. This lip balm was hit and trial, but it worked for me and I love it.

The lip balm has no shine to it which does not bother me because I always use lipsticks now. I used to like shiny and tinted lip balms when I was in college because I did not use any lipsticks back then. But now I like something that can moisturize my lips without changing the colour of the lipstick.  

The lip balm is kind of heavy but in an nice way. It keeps my lips moisturized and that too for a long time. It has kept my lips soft and kept those mean rashes away. 

It does have a sweet sort of a taste but I am not in the habit of licking my lips so that does not bother me. It feels really good on my lips and you can see how much I used it from the shape of the dome. I got it on 2 n june and have been using it non stop ever since. 

Also, on the plane back from Paris I accidently closed it wrong and when I opened to use it, my lip balm has broken and stuck to the cap. It made me sad :-( to see it that way. But when I came home I just touched the cap and the dome came in my hand and I fixed it back again and its so cool but it has not moved form its position ever since. So yay on fixing it back. 
Here at the boundary you can see the broken kind of a surface which has been fixed :)

The best part is the shape of this. My mother accidently confused it with an egg, which is so common because of its shape. But on an average I love this thing and I believe I am going to rebuy too since it has been so nice to my lips :)

I would totally recommend it if you like moisturizing, shineless, long lasting, cute looking and organic lip balms.

Would not recommend if you like lip balms with a certain taste and smell, which feel a bit heavy on the lips, dont impart any colour or have a shine. 

My rating:- 5/5 Love this thing. 

Would i repurchase? 
Totally, but I already have 2 more :)

Bye guys, happy friday! :)


smita singh said...

nice post harman, hey i am from ludhiana. ur profile says u r from punjab...but from where

dr_rashmi said...

such a cute thing <3 <3
oh... and i have the xact same lappy :) :)

Goga said...

Thank you. I am in ferozepur. Ludhiana is just 2 hours from here :-)

Goga said...

It is really cute indeed :) I always wanted a pink laptop, so had to buy this one :-)

Anonymous said...

such a cute Lip Balm :) I want it... :(

Goga said...

if you know anyone visiting US or coming frm there, then do get this one. It is really good :)

LipJunkie101 said...

I have eczema on my face too, its coz I have sensitive skin and I recently suffered from a lip rash and don't know what caused it but I have to be careful about what I apply on my face. I recently got this in strawberry sorbet but didn't try it yet, thanks for the review now I can confidently try it.

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Loved the jar :-) very attractive !!!
Nice review Harman :-)


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Hara Bhara Kabab

Goga said...

I totally get it. My lip rashes used to occur so often and it made me irritated. But I m sure this thing does not trigger any reactions. Hopefully it will help you too :-)

Goga said...

Thank you so much. I m glad you liked it :-)

Lancy said...

5/5 ?? Woww I definitely getting this :D
Nice review Goga

Goga said...

thank you so much Lancy :)

jenniffer fernandez said...

from where do yo get these lip balms

jenniffer fernandez said...

from where do yo get these lip balms

Morgan Love said...

If you look it up now they have put something new it which is making everyone have a rash around there mouth including me I hate it. :( my lips take at less 2 weeks to heal

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