Monday, 20 August 2012

Mac lipstick review- Cosmo

Hey everyone,
So I am back with yet another lipstick review. I have decided on so many products that I have to review in the coming week. This is a lipstick review which is one of my favorites ever. It is such a pretty colour and looks good on almost all the skintones :)

Price:- 990/-
Finish:- Amplified

So I have yet again story ( yeah, you might have guessed by now, I talk a lot! ).

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a Mac store( :-/). And me being the person who gets obsessed with something and then sees that thing even in my dreams, decided to buy a nice nude peachy pink kind of a lipstick for myself. My obsession only ended when I finally went to the Mac store. I asked the guy there to show me the perfect peachy pink for my complexion. Of course like always I had done my research and I believe I could name and identify things just like him, so I gave him a few names and he took out all those lipsticks. I was almost sure that Cosmo would look very nice on me. I tried it first, and to my horror I looked like I had some disease or something. Due to some odd reason it looked so bad on me. I tried some other colours, all in vain. Finally I bought Creme in your coffee which is a gorgeous colour. I used it for some time but Cosmo still haunted me in my dreams. The next time I went there, I again tried it and even though it looked weird I just went ahead and bought it. When I saw it in natural light outside the Mac store I was so happy. It was exactly what I wanted, the prettiest pink ever. I was so happy with my decision and me and Cosmo lived happily ever after!!

Back to the review now. I was not very sure whether it would suit me or not but believe it is a very pretty colour and would go so well with almost all the indian skintones. The colour is so subtle and natural looking. It goes with anything and is one of the prettiest pinks ever. It also tends to look a bit peachy at certain times but it is gorgeous anyway.

Also I m not too sure if it would look nice on all skintones. I suggest that you should see the colour inside and outside the store. Due to the lights inside all the colours look a bit neonish. The finish is amplified cream which is very smooth to apply and stays a long time. It lasts around 5 hours on me with some eating and drinking. The texture is velvety smooth. Personally, I feel Mac makes some of the best lipstick textures out there. This one does not melt or leans like some lipsticks which try to imitate the Leaning tower of Pisa.

I suggest this colour to anyone who likes natural looking colours which do not wash you out. But make sure to try it in store first.
There is going to be a serious bombardment of lip swatches, so please dont get scared :-D

1. Beautiful colour
2. Lovely texture
3. Lasts pretty long.
4. Not drying
5. Smooth to apply

1. I dint really find any

My rating:- 5/5 ( Its my favorite so ofcourse)

So guys buy it if you are looking for a nude pink colour, like lipsticks that dont feel drying yet last long, are natural looking and day wear.

Dont buy if you get washed out by it or are bores of pinks :)

DUPE ALERT:- Lotus herbals floralglam in Sensuous mauve is so similar to this one :)

Have an amazing week! :)


Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Lovely shade :-)


Today's Recipe
Kesar Kulfi

Goga said...

thank you so much :)

Preetha Karthik said... looks lovely on u.but this does not suit everybody to be nc42 in mac n it washed me i wud suggest twig which is a little sister of this to those wid warm skintones..jus a suggestion..:)

suhani chopra said...

Love the shade

Goga said...

Yeah that is what i feel too, also mentioned, i guess every colour needs to be tested inside the store first. I have seen twig too, really nice colour both of these :)

Shalini Srivastava said...

Like Preetha I loved this shade but when tried at MAC store it washed me out :(

Goga said...

Oh that is so bad. But you know what, you guys should really try seeing it outside the store too. It washed me out inside too :) You could check out twig

SophiaJerald said...

the same thing happened to me and I ended up getting creme in you coffee tooooo..lemme try this again next time...

Goga said...

oh yes, you should definitely do that. Even when i bought it, it was looking weird. But thats just the lighting i guess :)

Shourima Ghosh said...

lovely shade!!! looks hot on u harman! :)

Goga said...

Thank you Shourima! :) You should try it too. said...

Wow the colour is awesome and what a nice blog template you have! Loved your blog and following you :)

Ritu said...

looks lovely on you, but will definitely wash me out!
nice review, loved reading your 'once upon a time' story!

Goga said...

@indian Belle Thank you for commenting and following :)

Goga said...

@Ritu- You should try Mac twig then. Thank you :)

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