Thursday, 23 August 2012 review

Hey guys,
As you know I ordered some stuff from So  I thought I would share my experience with their service.

I really like some nyx stuff that they had. They have it at really less rates and have a lot of variety. I wanted to have some things so I thought I would order from them. After researching and looking at so much of stuff I narrowed my search down to few items. I really wanted a mint nail paint and I found the perfect colour. Just loving it.

I had placed my order on 1 st august but due to some reason it was not shipped. So I contacted them and it was so nice to get their prompt replies. After messaging them for twice they shipped my order on 5 th sugust. I got that order today on 23 rd august. So its almost 14 working days. And considering I am in a location where the courier services are not that good, it is a good enough time. I am okay till the time the parcel reaches me.

I paid around 9$ shipping for 4 items which is the normal amount which almost all the sites take. The main part is that they even have some sigma stuff that you can buy from them if you really want something at comparatively cheaper rates.

Personally, comparing them to the cherryculture and porkdaisy prices, I think they have prices at a lower rate which is nice. 

So all in all my experience with them was good. This was my first order and would definitely not be the last. Next time I want Nyx or other such brands I am definitely going to order from them. You guys should give it a try too :)



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