Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paris and Switzerland shopping part 1

Hey everyone,

I was just sitting today and I thought that I did no post showing my shopping on my recent trip to Europe. I did not really shop too much but I love every single item that I bought. I broke this post into two parts, the first one showing the makeup related items and the second part showing my accessories. 

I am not showing off or anything. I just wanted to show you guys :) Here goes the first part :)

The Bioderma makeup removers/toners, Bobbi brown lipstick, Essence concealer and Essence mascara.

The concealer and mascara. 

One of the nude pinks that would suit everyone

I love this thing :)

Look how cute it is. I picked it up solely because of its cuteness.

So thats all I bought for makeup. I need a lot more time to shop for makeup, which we did not have. Also everything was more expensive there as compared to India, so there is no point in buying something that you get cheaper here :)

Hope all of you liked it. Stay tuned for the next part :)


Pout Pretty said...

I have Brownie Pink too:)

Goga said...

its a lovely colour right? :) Bobbi brown was nice, where did you buy it from?

Anonymous said...

please show us the shade of the lipstick :)

smita singh said...

cool haul...just loved it :)

Goga said...

Thank you guys. I ll update the post with the lipstick colour :)

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