Thursday, 13 September 2012

4 different ways I apply my foundation!

Hey everyone,

I was thinking of today's post and I thought that I should probably write about the different methods of foundation application that I have tried. There are many other ways but I am just mentioning about the ones that I have tried a lot and think would help you all. So lets just jump into the post.

1. Using your Fingers

Oh yes, You guys might have guessed this one. Its probably the oldest method of using foundation on the face, we have seen many people use it this way. But does it really give you that perfect finish? After trying other methods too, I can definitely say no. Atleast not for liquid foundations, it does work for some stick and mousse foundations but not for liquid ones. But it is really the fastest way, so if you are in a hurry then its definitely pretty easy to do so. If I use my fingers I do make sure that i go over it with some flat top brush so that the foundation looks very natural. 

The main problem with using your fingers is that the foundation goes on uneven, you end up applying too much at some parts and too little at the others. So I do suggest that you guys try out the other methods too and judge for yourself. Also fingers transfer all the bacteria and oil onto you face if you do not sanitize your hands first which may lead to certain breakouts.

2. Using wedges

Now wedges are easily available in all the stores and you see different brands in them, but personally before researching and watching youtube videos even I was confused as to what they are to be used for. Now I know, they re actually used for putting on foundation.

The most common mistake that people do with it is that they do not wet their sponge. A dry wedge/sponge absorbs a lot of product as compared to a wet one and the finish is not that good. It goes on streaky. So you need to wet your sponge first, it is going to expand in size, you can see the proof in the pictures below. Then you just put some foundation on your hand, either dot your face and then blend with the wedge in the downward motion or simple apply it using the wedge in the downward motion. 

The application is very natural and flawless and does not look cakey. The main problem with this method is that a wedge absorbs some product and hence results in wastage. Also it sheers your foundation out, the coverage reduces when using a wedge. But it is definitely easier and better to apply two layer with a wedge rather than applying a single layer with your fingers.

There are many wedges available online and in the stores. Mine are from Audrey's which are available online at and other such stores too. They are pretty inexpensive and can be reused too.

You should use a wedge if you want a natural, light and sheer coverage of the foundation. If you want a heavier coverage then it is better to skip this step.

3. Using a foundation brush

Now foundation brushes are a newer concept in our country and these days we have many brands coming out with different foundation brushes. The drugstore ones that I have seen are from the Lakme absolute collection and Faces dual foundation and concealer brush. Mine is from ecotools, which I bought online from It was very inexpensive and there were no shipping charges. So this is a good option if you guys want to try this particular brush.

I just love applying foundation with this brush of mine. It is so soft, it spread the product evenly and gives a really good finish. It is pretty inexpensive and is very soft. The finish is good too although you need to make sure there are no brush streaks on your face. You can pat the brush on your face to ensure a good finish. The finish is with a good coverage and it is very easy to use and clean the brush. One of my favorite methods of using foundation. I highly recommend trying it out but make sure the brush that you buy has a lot of bristles and you keep your brush clean.

The foundation should be applied in downward strokes and then the brush patted on the face to ensure that there are no streaks anywhere. Or you could always follow it with a buffing brush like the one I am talking about next.

4. Using a flat top Kabuki or buffing brush

This brush is my newest addition to my collection, you can see my brush haul here. I really wanted a stiff ( not too stiff) brush to buff in my foundation and make its appearance flawless. This brush is from Sigma and it costs $16 i.e around 800 INR. It is available on the Sigma official website or on 

I earlier used to use my ELF flat top powder brush in circular motion all over the face so that there is no extra odd looking foundation here or there. But the problem with the powder brush is that its too soft and does not do its job too well. So I got my bro-in-law to gift me this one ^_^

You can use this brush to apply your foundation by either putting it on the brush first or by dotting it on the face first. Or you can use it with a foundation brush and then use this brush to go over it in circular motions. This brush is really soft and has never irritated my face. But if I use the foundation with only this brush I get the heaviest coverage possible. So for functions and all I would recommend this brush for you all. 

The only issue with this brush is that it is really hard to clean it off properly. Also If you have dry skin then it is better to use the above methods since using such a dense brush sort of exfoliates your face and hence it can also exaggerate any dry parts of the face.

At the end of the post, I would say that if you want something in budget and a light coverage then try the wedges and you ll get the sheerest possible coverage.
If you like a normal coverage then get the normal foundation brush. It will make a big difference in your foundation application. 
Personally, I like using either a wedge or the foundation brush and then follow it up by using the Sigma brush in circular motion. It gives the flawless foundation look that I like.

Hope that all of you liked this post. Share your foundation methods with me and let me know if you liked it :)


Tanya Vij Singh said...

Interesting and quite informative! :)
I like to use my foundation brush for foundation....sponges I mostly with the stick foundation. I would want to try a good quality stippling brush too.

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Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

informative post !!!
thanks for sharing :-)

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riddhi jholapara said...

very nicely written ... i have never used fingers so far .. i depend on my duo-fiber brush or makeup sponge...

Goga said...

@Tanya- Thank you :) I like experimenting with all of them, what I use depends upon the kind of finish I want

Goga said...

@Shruti- I m glad you liked it :)

Goga said...

@Riddhi- Thank you :) I have nt tried the stippling brushes yet, but I like all these a lot :)

All.things.pretty said...

I use a foundation brush or a wet beauty blender. I use the beauty blender for a sheer application. Its for good skin days when I dont need a lot of coverage.

Goga said...

Thats nice! I have heard a lot about beauty blenders but never really tried those :)

bhawna Arora said...

gud one harman.... really liked the post

Goga said...

Thank you so much :)

Stacey Kane said...

Great post <3 I apply foundation with either a flat top brush or a damp beauty blender. I always used to use my hands but find it can leave the skin looking oily, uffing it in with a flat top brush afterwards like you mentioned is a great idea x

Goga said...

Hey Stacey. Thank you :) I have never really tried a beauty blender. Heard a lot about it. Yeah the buffing in thing really does work. You should definitely try it out :)

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