Monday, 17 September 2012

Outfit of the day- Formal casual combo

Hey everyone,
I had a bit of a work today and I was supposed to wear formals. I so wanted to wear my new Mango shirt which I got a few days back, its really comfortable and easy, but it is a bit casual. I mean it does have a collar and all but does not really look that formal. So I decided to wear my formal pants with it, but to my horror they literally wanted to fall off my waist this morning, I guess I have been losing some weight lately. :-/

Anyways I resorted to wearing another semi formal pants, hence the whole semi formal-semi casual look. Anyways I loved this top, it is so comfortable and goes well with anything. I wore it with brown pants and since I had to look formal and had to walk a bit, I gave my heels a pass and wore my Carlton London round toes which are easy to walk in. 

Just a simple necklace and a watch complete my look. I put my hair put coz its really hot in Punjab. The pictures were clicked at night, hence the tired face and dull pictures but please bear with me :)

It became even darker by the time this pic was clicked.

Outfit details:-
Shirt- Mango
Pants- Pepe Jeans
Shoes- Carlton London
Watch- Guess

Let me know what you guys think :)


Jasmine Jhans said...
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sindhu sm said...

how do u do that pretty hair updo? I'll have to start going for work in a few days. so thought this kind of hair updo would go perfectly with a formal attire....

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