Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mac lipstick review- Mocha

Hey everyone,

Today I am reviewing my most recent lipstick purchase from Mac which is a satin finish called Mocha. Lately I am in a peach-brown phase. I really wanted the perfect peach kind of a lipstick. Although I have collected many during this peach phase, but they never seem enough I guess B-)
So this is a satin finish. There are different finishes from Mac, and I have tried almost all of them except the matte finish which I think may end up being too drying for my lips. So what I think about this lipstick, read on to know.

Price:- 990/-
Weight:- 3gms
Finish:- Satin

I really wanted to get Mocha in the Surf baby packaging, but since it has been sold out since so long, I could not really get it. I tried the colour in the Mac store and it looks perfect peachy brown. My mind was already sort of set so I bought it. When I tried it on at home, I felt it was more brown. The next day I tried it and it looked peach. So in short this colour is a peachy brown colour and would look good on most of the skintones. But I prefer that it is always better to try the colour on in the store before purchasing just to be sure.

I am not really a very big fan of the finish, cause at times it makes my lips look a bit dry. But a gloss on the top would always solve that problem. And it looks so pretty with a gloss on top of it. The lipstick stays around 4 to 5 hours since it is not very creamy. If you wear it too long without touching it up it may end up looking a bit patchy. It is always better to exfoliate the lips and keep them healthy.

I love the Vanilla smell of all Mac lip products. It just smells wonderful which is why Mac is my favorite brand for lipsticks. But for all of you who dont like stuff with fragrance may have a problem to it. I am really glad that I got this colour, I would have been happier had it been a more interesting packaging, but its okay :-D

For all of you who are NC-40 above I would recommend to try the colour in both natural and artificial light to make sure it does not look odd. It would look perfect on people with lighter skintones..

Summing up this review.

1. Perfect peach brown colour
2. Lasts longer than average lipsticks
3. Vanilla fragrance
4. Would suit most of the skintones since it has a hint of brown too
5. Permanent line

1. May end up being dry for some

My rating:- 4.5/5

I love this one and I would highly recommend that you guys do give this one a try. Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend. Take care!


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