Thursday, 20 September 2012

Oriflame Peach me perfect skin glow review

Hey everyone,

I believe all of us really like using tinted moisturizers as they are not very heavy on the skin and also better than using foundations. Well this is the review of a tinted moisturizer that I got thinking of it as a foundation but later found it to be a TM. Anyways I sort of had a hate/love relationship with it for long and finally I have decided to love it :) It Oriflame's TM in the colour light.

Price:- 240 something, it varies every month

First let me tell you why I did not really like this at first. I had no idea that I should use it as it is and I ended up using it on top of my sunscreen. My skin looked even and good but when I saw pictures of that day I noted my face looked white in a weird way. I tried using it some more but still the same thing. This was over a year ago.Now that I decided to give it another try I saw that this time there was no white cast. The original one was maybe because I had used it on top of something like a foundation and not used it as a moisturizer. There I was wrong. Secondly I think I used a lot of quantity which was not really required either.

Now that I have again started using it, I use little amount of it and it covers all my face. My face is moisturized and even toned. I find the coverage to be good too. It is very smooth and easy to apply and I really like it. I even mix it with my regular moisturizer and use it, it looks good that way too. My face becomes more even toned and looks better.

One major issue that I have with this is that it has shimmer in it which is supposed to impart a glow. And I am not really a big fan of the shimmer so that could have been skipped. And this is the main reason I mix it with my moisturizer at times, to reduce the shimmer. The second con that there are only 2 colours available, all the people in the middle may need to mix to get the right colour. If I use too much of it, it makes me look weird. So controlled amount can look better for sure.

I do really like this TM, it makes my skin look smoother and did not break me out. It is a good alternative to be used for days when you dont need a heavy coverage on the face. But this does not have any SPF which could have made this so much better. It does not give a very heavy coverage but it is definitely something. Once absorbed well it makes my skin look shine free yet glowy and I do like that effect. I absolutely love its smell, it is definitely very nice.

On the whole, I would suggest that you try this product once to understand how it fares for you. I have given it a second chance and I do like it. The colour match may be an issue since this light colour is very peachy and may not match everyone. I do recommend if you guys are looking for a tinted moisturizer that is not very expensive and makes the skin look even and glowy. Although the shimmer is not chunky, but if you are a shimmer free person then do give this a miss.

You can see me wear this in this tutorial here.
With flash

Without flash

See the white cast coz I did not blend it well

I wonder if you can see the shimmer in it

1. Makes skin even
2. Inexpensive
3. Gives a glowy effect
4. Did not break me out
5. Has a good enough coverage

1. The shimmer in it
2. No SPF
3. Colour selection is rather limited.

My rating:- 4/5 I do like it! :)


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