Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Golden Green festive eyes- MY first eye makeup tutorial

Hey everyone,
This is my very first attempt at doing an eye makeup tutorial. I have never before tried it because i was nt sure if I could click good pictures or not. But today I finally tried it for the first time.

I chose to do coppery gold and green because these are the colours which are mostly present in our ethnic clothes. The embroidery is generally in gold and I dont know how but they do always add a hint of green too alongside.

Lets get on with it:- :)

Step 1:- Prime your eyes. I used Mac Paint pot in Painterly. If you dont have an eye primer make sure you use some foundation or concealer on your eyes. This will help the colours show up better and the makeup last longer.

Step 2:- Add some loose powder ( compact ) on your eyes with a brush so that it can help control the oil on the lids and help colours blend easily.

Step 3:- Apply a coppery eye shadow on the entire lid using an eye shadow brush. I am using Coastal Secnts metal mania palette and Faces eye shadow brush.

Step 4:- Apply Mac's woodwinked over the previously applied shadow. This will make the colour show up to be copperish gold.

Step 5:- On a crease brush ( or the same eye shadow brush ) a green colour into the crease. I am again using the colour from the Coastal scents metal mania palette.

Step 6:- Using the same brush apply a dark greenish black eye shadow to the outer corner to intensify the look and make it more smokey.

Step 7:- I am using another bright green colour to make the crease colour to make it more vibrant. then blend all the colours together to eliminate any harsh edges.

Step 8:- Line your eyes. I am using Mac's eyeliner in boot black and make a wing at the outer corner by first drawing a line from the lower lashline and then joining it with the top one.

Step 9:- Apply a matte highlight shade to the brow bone. Since all the colours used are shimmery, use a matte highlight.

Step 10:- Apply mascara and fake eye lashes if you want. I dint use mascara as it would have been a bit hard to remove since I am not going anywhere. I just used fake lashes.

Step 11:- Apply kajal and using and flat brush apply the same vibrant green eye shadow to the lower lashline.

And you are done. I hope you guys liked this. It was my first try so let me know your suggestions so I can improve it in the future. :-)


preethi Prasad said...


Maurish Sharma said...

your second but last pic is taken from very clase shot...thoda door se rakhna tha...and hw abt making a video and putting it on yutube and sharing the link here???

Maurish Sharma said...

otherwise...its a great attempt...i m impressed...:-)

Goga said...

Thank you Preethi. Could you please give me the link to your blog too? :-)

Goga said...

Thnk ju. You have no idea how tough it was to click pictures. I m not too sure abt the video. This only took me so long :-)

Goga said...
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Anonymous said...

nice tutorial.... you have really nice hand at eye makeup and the pix are fine too... they will improve even more with experience... :)

Goga said...

Thank you so much :-) I m glad you liked it :-)

Preetha Karthik said... loving ur blog follower here

Goga said...

hii.. thank you so much.. it means a lot to me :)

Arpita Tiwary said...

Awesome :) :) I have given you an award- (

Please accept ♥ I love your blog ^_^

Goga said...

thank you so much Arpita :)

rashi anand said...

beautifulllllllllll dear!u look so pretty!well done

Goga said...

Thank you Rashi di :)

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