Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wishlist for August/September

Hey guys,

Recently I have my eyes on so much of stuff that I thought of creating my very first wishlist. I m a shopaholic, now who around here is not. I love shopping but too bad my city does not have any good shopping options, so I have to mostly order online or wait to go somewhere else. I thought I would compile this list with all the items that I am obsessing over currently. I get so obsessed with some stuff at times that it even comes to haunt me in my sleep. Believe me once I wanted to buy 2 lipsticks but was nt really sure of buying them, for the next few nights I dreamt that I am shopping for those lipsticks. And guess what I ended up buying them too, and I am glad I did :) 

So here goes :)

Mac Peaches blush

Nude platform booties 

Mac Mocha lipstick in this very same packaging

Pink trouser pants

I love shopping!!! Have a great day everyone :)


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