Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sigma individual resort!

Hiya girls,

Did you want to try this palette but thought it was a bit expensive. Sigma has brought the perfect solution to your wishes :)

Step into spring with our new individual Resort shadows. Due to popular demand, you are now able to purchase the eye shadows from the Resort palette individually! Add on to your current collection or stock up on your favorites with these stunning shades.

Product Details
Choose from eight highly pigmented shadows that have the ability to transform any look from neutral to vibrant. The colors are as follows:

These shadows will be added to our permanent makeup collection. Don’t miss out on owning the full limited edition Resort Palette which is selling fast!

What: Eight individual eye shadows from the limited edition Resort Palette

When: Available NOW!

Price: $11

You can purchase these here. And dont forget to use the May discount code!


Bioderma solution Micellaire review!

Hiya girls,

So after almost 10 months of blogging I finally have 100 followers :) YAY! so happy. Anyways today I bring to you my favorite-est (many more est if that shows how much I love it) makeup remover out there. This thing was on my list of stuff to buy from Paris. I had thought no matter what happens I am gonna buy this for sure. And luckily I did get a few minutes to run to the pharmacy and pick up a combo pack of this one ^_^ Lucky me. I was so hell bent on purchasing this that I did not even explore that pharmacy.

I got 2 bottles of 500 ml and one travel size of 100 ml or something for 15 Euros. Doing the math, it comes to only 1125 INR. Can you believe it? So inexpensive for such a huge quantity.

Monday, 29 April 2013

My makeup of the day: PINK!

Hiya girls,

Hope you had a wonderful day. I love love love both my new Inglot eyeshadows. I just could nt wait to try them on. The rainbow shadow is just so pretty. I was gonna wear a pink shirt to office today and thought it was the perfect day to use the Rainbow shadow. It was my first time wearing such a bright shadow to work but I absolutely loved how it turned out. I went pink all the way with the blush and the  lipstick. Here are the pictures. 

Hope you all like them :)

My first Inglot eyeshadows!

Hi girls,

Yesterday I finally went ahead and bought my first Inglot eyeshadows. I had heard so much about them and always wanted to try but dont know why I never did. Finally these pretty pretty pink eyeshadows caught my eye and I just could not resist.

Please excuse the not so good pictures I came back late and it was dark outside. You know staying out of home does nt really get you good lighting :(

Have a good night :)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Motives Mardi Gras palette look!

Hi girls,

After I got my Vellvette box I really wanted to try the products especially the lipsticks and glosses in the Mardi Gras palette. Yesterday I thought I should try a look using only these products. Sadly I was expecting more from the eyeshadows but they did not turn out to be that pigmented. I had to layer on and on for the color but still it was nt that great. Anyhow I managed to do a certain look with them. It was peach all over the eyelid with green in the crease and blue in the outer corner. I used the peachy lipgloss from the same palette.

Friday, 26 April 2013

My Fav summer sunscreen- Lotus Matte look sunblock SPF 40!

Hi Girls ( and guys if there are any ),

Summer is here and it means you are going to need a good sun protection,  not that you dont need it in the winters but just because the heat in summers tends to make you sweaty and hence anything you put on comes off sooner. Believe me I get more tanned i winters as I love soaking up some sun and end up badly tanned. Anyways today I am reviewing one product that I have loved from as far as I remember. I used to use it everyday in college as it gave me a nice matte finish and somewhat even skintone. I have repurchased it so many times in the past but somehow forgot about it after I got more into makeup items. My whole experience with it, read on to find out.

Price:- Used to be 245/- dont know the current one

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pink saree outfit!

Hiya girls,

I was so blank as to what to post on my blog today. I tell you blank as a sheet, then I suddenly remembered that I did not share with you pictures from a Reception my sister and I attended last month I think. There are nt many pictures but I think you would get a good idea of the outfit. 

The saree is not mine, rather its borrowed from my sister. It was a part of the clothes she got for her wedding. I loved the subtle pink color and the gold accents. Let me know what you think of it :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Makeup look of the day!

Hi everyone,

Here is my makeup look for yesterday ( I know the post says 'day' but its actually 'yesterday'). I was gonna wear a blue shirt so I wanted to have blue liner on my waterline. I think it turned out pretty looking. I paired the blue liner with Gold eyes and pink lipstick to complete the look. Enough blabber, here are the pictures :)

The unexpected April Vellvette box!

Hi girls,

I am seeing Vellvette boxes all over the place. Seriously its almost like here a vellvette and there a Vellvette. Surprisingly I was not expecting my order. I thought my order dint go through and then I saw all these boxes and I was like okay, not a big deal, nothing I m too excited about. But then I got a call today and I was so surprised to see the box. I think the best part of the box is the suspense. I held off opening the box for long since I did not have time to do it but I m glad to have got 4 products. 

I so wanted to try Lush products and here is one in my Vellvette box. This is the second time Vellvette has sent me a mascara, I mean I like mascaras but how about something else now. I  have already used a full size Masterpeice max mascara ( Review here ) if you wanna know about it. Anyways lets see what the next month brings forward :)

Here are the pictures 

BTW such a pretty ribbon. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Makeup I use a lot these days!

Hi everyone,

I m spending my weekend at home and I m totally enjoying it. Having such lazy days. I wanted to post about something but I did not get much makeup back home as I dint plan on using it.  It is then I remembered that I  have my daily makeup bag with me. It is this bag that carries my essential items like Eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curler. These are staple in my bag, the remaining keep changing. I am loving my NYX liquid black noir eyeliner lately. I dont know what happened but I totally love it these days. It makes drawing aline so easy. 

I am also really liking the Garnier BB cream these days. I feel it gives me a very glowy look. Call it strange but my skin was more oily in winters than in summers. I have to use less blotting paper these days than I had to use in winters. Very strange, I know!

These days my everyday use mascara is Clinique high impact one, the sample to which I received in my Vellvette box. Its so little and is easy to carry anywhere. It also gives me lovely lashes :) 

I bought the Bourjois lip liner in shade 11, dont remember the name of it. It is so lovely and is such a prety neutral shade. If you find a lipstick washes you out, all you need to do is use this under that lipstick and it gives such a pretty color. The review to this one is coming soon :)

Anyways enough blabber, here are the makeup items.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mac Rebel lipstick photos and swatches

Hiya everyone,

As I was trying on my sister's lipsticks I clicked a lot of pictures of the lip colors and their swatches. Since I did not use them long enough I could not write a review for them but here in this post I will share with you the pictures from one the colors which is Rebel. I ll share my first impression of the lipstick with you and in upcoming days will also share a drugstore dupe that I found.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My prizes from the first giveaway I ever won!

Hi everyone,

As you all know I had participated in Deepika from divassence.blogspot.in's giveaway and I won it :) Today I thought I would share with you what all I got in my prize. Totally loving every single item. Thanks again Deepika :)

My nail paints+lipsticks organizers!

Hi guys,

I went shopping with mom this weekend. We were looking for some home stuff and while we were about to leave I came across so many different types of makeup organizers. I was so confused on which one to pick that I literally spent almost 15 minutes just picking up one box after the other. Finally I zeroed in on this biggest drawer which I thought would fit my nail paints and hair stuff very well. 

Since I live in a PG here I really want my room to stay organized and neat. I m a freak in that way. I cant get something off my mind once it appears. Anyways I bought this lipstick holder from some other store for 400/- approx and I was so happy to have found it since I had been thinking of ordering one from ebay. 

Anyways no more blabber, here are the pictures. Do share with me your tips on how you organize these items of yours :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

The body shop New Purifying Hand Care Range- Absinthe

SO PURE IT SHOULD BE BANNED (that is one catchy line)

Hands Up If You Want Clean, Refreshed And Moisturised Hands!

You’ll love our new Absinthe Purifying Hand Care Range, infused with refreshing and moisturising botanical ingredients with a mesmerising fragrance.

Our Absinthe Collection hydrates hands and leaves them smelling as good as they feel.

A Potent Formula
Dryness, dirt, bad odours; your hands bear a lot every day. Indulge them with the new hand potions - Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, Hand Butter and Hand Wash - with fresh, light textures and a mesmerising fragrance for a fabulously fresh sensation. Designed to leave hands feeling clean, refreshed and cared for, this hardworking hand care range features specially selected natural ingredients.

Press release: Gamila’s Secret now in India !

Gamila’s Secret now in India

Raised by nature. Gathered by Gamila. To nourish healthy skin

Hailing from the quaint little town of Galilee, Israel, Gamila’s Secret brings to India secrets of nature captured in cleansing bars, hand creams, face oils and foot balms that cleanse your skin of impurities and toxins, leaving it nourished, protected and soft. A unique skin care brand and pioneer in all natural skin treatments from Israel, Gamila’s Secret uses no chemicals or concentrates. All products are made using the purest olive oil, 100% first pressed vegetable oils and a potent mixture of crushed and ground natural herbs - a secret formula developed by Gamila using only the family's centuries old skin care secret treatments.

Beat the heat with Missha!

Hi girls,
I have always wanted to try Missha products especially their BB cream. Surprisingly I found this Press release in my mail today. My jaw almost dropped. Someone from Delhi send me their BB cream. It is also not as expensive as we usually find in the online stores. Dont believe me? Here is the info :)

Summer Care Skin & Beauty Products for Pre and Post Sun Exposure

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunsilk Keratinology heat protectant spray review!

Hi girls,

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend. I m feeling so sleepy right now although its not too late at night. Today I thought I would review something which does not belong to the makeup category. Here is my review on a heat protectant spray which I have been using a lot these past few months.

Price:- 400/- for 180 ml

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Well hello there Kiehl's!

Hi guys,

So I went shopping with mom today. We went a lot of places including Chandigarh's new mall called Elante. Its really huge and one of the best we have in Chandigarh. Recently Kiehl's opened there and I thought why not click some pictures and share with you all. 

And if anyone of you have tried something from Kiehl's which you really liked, please let me know I would love to have a look at that too :)

Here are some pictures clicked with my phone coz I dint really remember to take my camera along. Hope you all like it :)

Friday, 12 April 2013

My makeup for today!

Hi guys,

I had to go to work late today so I thought I would click some pictures for my makeup of the day. Its basically a neutral look popped up with a blue liner to match my shirt. Though it may not seem like I have any eyeshadow on, but I actually do.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mac lipstick fanfare review!

Hi girls,

So here is my first ( I think its first, correct me if its not :-P ) lipstick review from the sample sized lipsticks I ordered from the bodyneeds. I absolutely loved that store for trying out Mac before you buy them full size. I finished my Mac Hug me sample and then bought it in full size. Here is another lipstick that I really like from that lot. If you wanna see that haul click here

Price:- 3.79$ for .5 gms. I got it during their sale

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MUA lip gloss Sealed with a kiss review!

Hi girls,

Here is my review of my third and last lip gloss from MUA. I absolutely loved their glosses. While this one is not a very big favorite I cherish it anyhow. It is sort of a Pinky nude which would look so good on fairer skintones. Anyways most of the things I have to say about this one are pretty similar to the ones before. You can check out their reviews here and here.

Price:- 2 pounds, Got it for one during sale

Monday, 8 April 2013

Simple shopping OOTD!

Hi girls,

Here is a simple OTTD. Please excuse the not so clear phone pics. I was nt in a mood to do an OOTD until pretty late. This is clicked in Chandigarh's new mall Elante. This one has definitely raised the standards for all the malls. We are finally gonna have a Mac close by. I just could nt help getting pictures clicked in front of Mac :-P

What I am wearing is a simple Black top which is more of a dress. I paired it with pink stockings (Yeah they re stocking without feet :-P ) and pink ballerinas.

Got the top from Splash, a store in the new mall, the stockings from Kapsons :)

Please do comment. Your comments make my day :)

Harman's beauty blog and Firmoo.com giveaway winners!

Hey everyone,

So here are the results. I had to cross out a few entries because they did not follow all the rules. But here we go with the valid entries and the winner names.

Thank you everyone for participating. It was amazing and thank you for your response.

Parita please email me so that I can contact Firmoo.com for your prize.

Rest of the winners please email me on goganagra@yahoo.co.in so that I can send you the 30$ discount coupons.

Have a great day guys. This giveaway has lessened my fear of hosting giveaways. So you can look into many more upcoming ones :)

Have a great day!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Theodora Oz inspired look!

Heya girls,

Here I am with my look inspired by Theodora. I tried my best to make it look similar. As far as I could make out Theodora (Mila Kunis) did not really have too much of eye makeup on. She mainly had a flawless skin and dark bold lips. I totally loved it and I thought of re creating something like that. Here is what I came up with. Hope you all like it :)

Here is the look that I tried to follow

And here is what I came up with. I wish I had a darker lipstick but I dint have it

Saturday, 6 April 2013

My collection of neutral/ethnic eye shadows!

Hi girls,

Here is a post I have been wanting to do so long but never got around to it. Today I finally went clickety click and put together this little post. These are the eyeshadows that I have collected in the past
year or two. Most of them have been gifted to me by my siblings since I always have a long list ready of stuff that I want from US.  

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think :)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Compilation of old nail arts- Part 2!

Hi girls,

Thank you so much for such an amazing response for my previous nail art post. Here I am back with some more for you all. Some pictures are lacking in quality because the camera I had back then was not too good in focusing. But I am sure you can make out the art :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mua intense kisses lip glosses in Lips are Sealed review!

Hi girls,

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week.I have been pretty busy the past couple of days shopping for some necessities. Here I am with another Mua lip gloss review. Incase you missed the previous one you can read it here. I was a lip gloss person a few years ago coz I used to think that lipstick is used by oldies. But once I got hooked onto lipsticks I never went back to lip glosses. But I guess glosses such as these are going to convert me soon. Read on about it :)

Price:- 2 GBP, I got it for 1 after 50% off

Monday, 1 April 2013

Compilation of old nail arts- Part 1

Hey everyone,

My friend made me realized a while ago that my blog was sort of lacking in nail art posts. A while ago I had gone crazzzzzzyyyyy for nail art. I used to do something different every single day. With time I somehow lost interest because when you have to manage food and stuff yourself your nails are going to suffer.

Anyhow I thought I would share some of my old nail art pictures with you all. They are not too clear as they re pretty old. I do hope you like them. Do comment :)

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