Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mac lipstick fanfare review!

Hi girls,

So here is my first ( I think its first, correct me if its not :-P ) lipstick review from the sample sized lipsticks I ordered from the bodyneeds. I absolutely loved that store for trying out Mac before you buy them full size. I finished my Mac Hug me sample and then bought it in full size. Here is another lipstick that I really like from that lot. If you wanna see that haul click here

Price:- 3.79$ for .5 gms. I got it during their sale

Okay so starting off with the color, the color is a light corally pink which is sort of a pinker version of See sheer ( review here ). It is also a lighter version of Mac cosmo ( review here ). You can see the comparison of the three in this post itself. Its such a cute barbie pink kind of a color. Though it may wash out skintones darker than NC40. But anyone with lighter skin would absolutely love this understated pink. 

Personally this color did not wash me out considering that it is a light pink. It looks good even with no makeup on. The finish is Cremesheen. It goes on very smooth and if you have dry lips it may highlight the dryness of the lips. It is smooth and covers the lips evenly in two swipes only.

The staying power of this one is pretty much like all other Mac lipsticks. It lasts around 3 hours after which it becomes uneven and you have to touch it up. It can survive eating but the color may fade from the center of the lips.

Personally I just love Mac lipsticks. I dont know if its the thing that it MAC or because they are actually so good but I really love them. I love their different textures and how they feel on my lips.

I would recommend you all to try out this lipstick in store. And incase you're wondering my lipstick in my previous outfit post, it is this one to match my pink leggings/stockings :)


1. Lovely texture and finish
2. Pretty pinky coral shade
3. Lasts good amount of time
4. Pigmented
5. Easy to apply


1. May not suit darker beauties

My rating:- 4.5/5

I m so excited its Friday tomorrow!! :)


Sunshine Beauty said...

Pretty shade! Loved the concept of sample size lipsticks.

Goga said...

It is really nice to try sample size before you buy :)

Niesha Jeenwal said...

loved your lips swatches gogs..<3

jeeshan umar said...

thats a lovely shade on you! you have to get the full size!

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