Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mua intense kisses lip glosses in Lips are Sealed review!

Hi girls,

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week.I have been pretty busy the past couple of days shopping for some necessities. Here I am with another Mua lip gloss review. Incase you missed the previous one you can read it here. I was a lip gloss person a few years ago coz I used to think that lipstick is used by oldies. But once I got hooked onto lipsticks I never went back to lip glosses. But I guess glosses such as these are going to convert me soon. Read on about it :)

Price:- 2 GBP, I got it for 1 after 50% off

The color of the gloss is such a pretty pink. I m pretty sure that it is a universally flattering color and would look good on everyone. Its a bright pink ( not neon just bright) which is not too uncommon in lip glosses but is very pretty. Its s dark pink and I love it.

The lip gloss is not sticky at all. I dont even feel like I have something heavy or such on my lips. Its just so light. It feels almost like Mac lustre finish lipsticks to me. If you hate sticky glosses then these are so worth buying.

For the price we pay the quantity is pretty good. Its 5.1 ml which I feel is sufficient for people like me who dont use the same thing everyday no matter how much we like it. The texture of the gloss is very smooth and it is highly pigmented. Just one swipe gives you such good color. 

The lasting power is the same as all the lip glosses. It fades with meals and without eating anything lasts for about 2 to 3 hours. It does not leave any stain behind. Overall I have only good things to say about this gloss. I wish I had ordered all the colors from MUA's website. Would have been lovely :)

1. Lovely color universally flattering
2. Great pigmentation
3. Non sticky
4. Smooth
5. No glitter particles
6. Pretty affordable

1. MUA is not available in India
2. Does not last very long

My rating:- 5/5

If I get a chance to buy these again, I am surely gonna do that. You guys should go grab one too :)


Ritu said...'s so pigmented a gloss!
and I must say, you're one of those few girls I know who can rock any shade on the lips! :*

jeeshan umar said...

Looks like a liquid lipstick! great review :) follow mt through GFC if you like my blog :) xo

Lee.B said...

Ok i have this shade n now im sure mine is labelled wrong!! Mine is more of a dull lavender pink!! This one's so gorgie..not at all close to this one :/

All.things.pretty said...

What a pretty color! And it's definitely super pigmented for a gloss.

Sunshine Beauty said...

lovely shade and lovely you :)

preethi Prasad said...

I have to get these soon

Goga said...

Thank you Ritu :-*

Goga said...

Thank you Jeeshan. Will follow back :-)

Goga said...

Its a lovely shade Lee. Maybe MUA messed up the colors

Goga said...

It is a pretty color Ash :-)

Goga said...

@Sunshine beauty- thank you so much :-)

Goga said...

Preethi go get them. If I were you I would have bought all of them :-)

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