Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunsilk Keratinology heat protectant spray review!

Hi girls,

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend. I m feeling so sleepy right now although its not too late at night. Today I thought I would review something which does not belong to the makeup category. Here is my review on a heat protectant spray which I have been using a lot these past few months.

Price:- 400/- for 180 ml

First of all I think the quantity you get in this spray is value for money. I  have been using this one for almost 4 months now using it everytime I wash my hair and it still has a lot in it left. So price wise its a thumbs up.

I absolutely love the packaging of this one. It is so easy to use and also comes with a nozzle plug ( well something like that) incase you need to travel with it. The spray pump is so good ( I hate those rose water bottle pumps, they spray everywhere expect on my face :-/ ) it spritz my hair evenly. Overall full marks packaging wise plus on ease of use.

I m a person with naturally curly hair. I dont really heat style it too much. I use it pretty less but I never sip using this spray before the heating part. Generally I spray it on my towel dried hair, this way it does not feel sticky on my hair and also protects it. This thing has been my saviour when I had to heat style my fringe everytime I wash it. It has prevented my hair from being dry due to usage of blow driers and all. In winters I used to style my hair every single day because I dint like keeping my hair damp, but I have got to say my hair has not become or rough due to that. I credit this spray for that.

India has a serious dearth of hair sprays and this one is so easy to find everywhere plus the concept is also very western. I think in the drugstore market this is one of the best available. It prevents hair from being frizzy and rough overtime. I am sure I m gonna repurchase it when it finishes. 

I recommend all of you to go give this one a try. Its a part of my hair routine every time I use heat. 

1. Affordable
2. Good quantity
3. Easy to use
4. Sprays evenly
5. Protects against heat
6. Keeps hair frizz free

1. HUL tests on animals as far as I know

My rating:- 5/5

Have a great week guys :) 


All.things.pretty said...

I have this one too and I love it. Definitely value for money.

bebeautiful withpunam said...

this seems really nice .. thanks fr d review

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