Friday, 26 April 2013

My Fav summer sunscreen- Lotus Matte look sunblock SPF 40!

Hi Girls ( and guys if there are any ),

Summer is here and it means you are going to need a good sun protection,  not that you dont need it in the winters but just because the heat in summers tends to make you sweaty and hence anything you put on comes off sooner. Believe me I get more tanned i winters as I love soaking up some sun and end up badly tanned. Anyways today I am reviewing one product that I have loved from as far as I remember. I used to use it everyday in college as it gave me a nice matte finish and somewhat even skintone. I have repurchased it so many times in the past but somehow forgot about it after I got more into makeup items. My whole experience with it, read on to find out.

Price:- Used to be 245/- dont know the current one

I believe Lotus Herbals makes some of the best sunscreens. I mean you have so many options and different SPF values to choose from. I got this sunscreen for the first time about 4 years ago while exploring something to keep my skin matte. I used it and felt wow this is awesome. From then I used it for about 2 years regularly. Then I stopped using it because my skin had horrible eczema all over and it sort of stung. So I discontinued it and did not use it for a long time after that. My love for it was awakened a few months ago when my aunt bought a Face cream from lotus and got this as a free gift. Ever since I have been using it so often.

The product is not something that you can use as a makeup base. It makes your skin so matte than you cannot put on any oil control foundation etc. I remember using Maybelline BB stick over it and getting weird flakes all over. I dont know why that is the case. This product is best used alone with some powder and concealer.

It does not really provide any coverage to the skin but it evens it out a bit. Mostly the skin looks even coz the product is all matte. It just blends into your skin and if you have overly dry skin then this is such a no no for you. It is best suited for people with normal, combination and oily skins.

The SPF is pretty good considering Indian summers and winters. I have no problems with the sPF part. On days when I am in a no makeup mood, I use this some powder, liner and gloss and I am all set.

Also if you have sensitive skin do be a bit vary coz it may end up stinging on your flakes or whatever overly dry skin there is. I know it used to hurt mine. It does really depend person to person since this is a Herbal brand. 

The best part about Lotus is that they are cruelty free. There is no animal testing at all. Speaking of which I am not buying any Loreal, Maybelline, Rimmel, Max factor and Bourjois products these days. No matter how much I curb my guilt it always feels really bad. So say no to animal tetsing.

Overall I just have good things to say about this product. Mattifying, Good SPF, evens skintone what more does a girl need right?

1. Matte
2. Lives up to its claims
3. Affordable
4. Non animal tested
5. Easily available
6. Evens out skintone

1. Not for dry skin
2. May sting on very sensitive skin

My rating:- 5/5

Have a great weekend everyone :)


Sunshine Beauty said...

I love this sunscreen.Its a must have for me :)

Juste inluxure said...

Looking forward to try this one :)

Nivedita said...

This one is tinted as well and reminds me of the one with SPF 70! You are so right about using it as a base. Even though I love using it, when used as a base, it kind of starts balling of and flaking. In case you wear a moisturizer underneath, you would be able to wear a foundation on top. But who wants so many layers in this heat?!
Nice review :)

Goga said...

@sunshine beauty- Thank you :)
@Juste inluxure- You definitely should :) Its really nice
@Nivedita- I agree. But if you use a moisturizer underneath then your sunscreen has no effect. It has to be the first thing to go on your face :)

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