Sunday, 21 April 2013

Makeup I use a lot these days!

Hi everyone,

I m spending my weekend at home and I m totally enjoying it. Having such lazy days. I wanted to post about something but I did not get much makeup back home as I dint plan on using it.  It is then I remembered that I  have my daily makeup bag with me. It is this bag that carries my essential items like Eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curler. These are staple in my bag, the remaining keep changing. I am loving my NYX liquid black noir eyeliner lately. I dont know what happened but I totally love it these days. It makes drawing aline so easy. 

I am also really liking the Garnier BB cream these days. I feel it gives me a very glowy look. Call it strange but my skin was more oily in winters than in summers. I have to use less blotting paper these days than I had to use in winters. Very strange, I know!

These days my everyday use mascara is Clinique high impact one, the sample to which I received in my Vellvette box. Its so little and is easy to carry anywhere. It also gives me lovely lashes :) 

I bought the Bourjois lip liner in shade 11, dont remember the name of it. It is so lovely and is such a prety neutral shade. If you find a lipstick washes you out, all you need to do is use this under that lipstick and it gives such a pretty color. The review to this one is coming soon :)

Anyways enough blabber, here are the makeup items.

Not that long lasting but lovely anyways :)

Hope you all liked the post. Have a great week ahead :)


Rajalakshmi Murali said...

nice products.. i am presently loving my garnier bb cream and maybelline falsies volume one..

Goga said...

I have nt tried the Falsies one. I dont know I thought it clumped the lashes. :) Glad you liked it

Jeeshan Umar said...

great products!!! love the lip liner and the bb cream!! do you reccomend the cream for oily skin?

xx Jeeshan

Preety Khanna said...

So many different products!

I am usually running late for college all the freaking time these days.. the only makeup i put on is kohl! I wish I had the time to pause and really spend time on some lipsticks and eyeshadows!

Oriflame Kohl is my only saviour right now hehe.

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