Friday, 10 August 2012

Eva Perfumed body spray in choco-vanilla review

Hey ladies,
                  I am reviewing one of the yummiest and wonderful smelling body sprays which is Eva dual fragrance perfumes body spray in choco-vanilla.

Price:- 125/-

Eva body sprays are very inexpensive and good spray which I like a lot. I have tried so many high end deodorants and perfumes too, and believe me it compares to their level. I personally find that all the deos by the brand Eva are very good. Their fragrance lasts so long and you keep feeling fresh all day. Even when I go to bed at night I can feel the fragrance of the deo. This one makes me want to eat my own self :-P

Here is a picture of its claims and ingredients:-

I don’t know why they only mention underarms on this pack. But its actually not the case. The deo has dual fragrance of choco-vanilla only. Its amazing guys. Its actually chocolate mixed with vanilla. I am too fond of all such fragrances and this tops their list. And its available for 100 rs only which is a steal for a product like this. The only issue is that it is limited edition. *sob* *sob*. I don’t even know if it comes in the market still or not. I have to go on an intensive search for it I suppose.
The best part is that it lasts all day and keeps you chocolatey smelling. J

This deo is very inexpensive and best for summers which is why I keep coming back to Eva deos. They re easy to use because the spray is continuous and I don’t have to exert so much pressure as in those deos which do not have a continuous flow. I don’t know how but somehow their pump always gets stuck. :-/

I wish I had some method to give you guys an idea as to how its fragrance is. Its just too good. So if you have this available near buy then do give them a chance. I don’t think any eva deo is going to disappoint you. The best part is that they are available at such an affordable rate. Though the quantity is not as much and most of it is like compressed air so once it finishes then only air keeps coming out.
I have used mine for about 3 weeks and its over L I suspect that the salesperson gave me a tested kind of a piece. I would have left it if I did not like the fragrance of it so much.

One of the best parts that it is not tested on animals. Its eco friendly J.
So coming up to its pros and cons.

1. Affordable
2. Unique fragrance
3. Lasts long
4. Lives upto its claims
5. I don’t know about this one but all others are easily available
6. Not tested on animals

1. Limited editionL
2. Less quantity

Overall rating:-5/5

So on the whole I Love this deo and  I am going to hunt it down for another piece. Meanwhile if you guys find any then do check it out. You would not regret. I would definitely repurchase this if I can get my hands on it.


Maurish Sharma said...

who is the scary dog behind??? :-D

Jennifer Bobby said...

hey, ur dog is damn cute and chubby, cant see his face though...:( is he a rottweiller??

Goga said...

Hahah the same dog that bit you by accident ;-)

Goga said...

Hii.. Thank you for commenting. Shes actually a neapolitan mastiff. :-) her name is Tia.

sanam said...

hey cud u please do more reviews on perfumes and deos!! :) and i persnally didn like eva deos but after reading ur rvw i wud definitly going to try this one :)

Goga said...

Oh yes definitely. Its amazing. :-) thank u for commenting..

Anu Goel said...

I wd say to everyone, pls do try it. This deo is ALCOHOL & ALUMINIUM FREE, & so it is very skin friendly. This is d ONLY DEO I found free from these 2 chemicals. If u guys know of others, pls let me know.
I hv EVA FLIRT in VANILLA RUSH. It is nice smell & lasts all day on me. It is a mental satisfaction that i m not using anything harmful. :) I m very happy with it :)

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