Friday, 31 August 2012

Nyx Collection noir liquid black liner review

Hey guys,
Hope all of you have amazing plans for the weekend. As you must remember I had my haul post up a while ago, I bought a few Nyx items, one of them I thought that I would review today. So here goes. 
When I was a teenager I always used pencil liners and was so bad at handling the liquid ones. I used to see people use liquid liners and continuously wonder how they managed to do that without poking their eye. My main concern was how to keep one eye closed and one open :-/ That absolutely scared me and I never tried.      A few years ago I bought a liquid liner from Streetwear and watched a lot of Youtube videos and finally understood that you are not supposed to close your eye while putting it on, I have no idea where I got that notion. Now I am a proud user of a liquid liner efficiently. I find using liquid ones so easy that I now find using pencil liners tough. 

My lotus liner was finished and I wanted something with a very thin and a nice tip. While I was ordering stuff from, I saw the tip of this liner and ordered it immediately.

Price:- 4.50$ Roughly 250/- INR

The first time I tried using this liner I got a thick line inspite of its thin tip. Maybe that is because the tip carries a lot of product and if you really want a thin line you should wipe the excess product off. I like the tip, but I wanted a more stiff one. This is the same is the Lakme insta liners or streetwear liners. 

It has a glossy finish which I dont like, so if you want a matte liquid liner then do not opt for this one. I personally use a matte black eye shadow over it so that it becomes matte. The liner does smudge, oh yeah it smudges badly. I dont know if I dint let it set that was the reason it smudged but it sure did. You can see the proof of it below and that too without any water.

If you dont touch your eyes then it would probably last around 5 hours but a person like me has the constant habit of rubbing or itching my eyes, so I have never reached those 5 hours with a perfect line. Frankly, I liked my lotus liner better.

Overall, I find it as an okay sort of a product. I think you can get much better liners in the market at the similar or probably a little bit higher price.

You can see me wearing it here

1. Thin tip
2. Nice packaging
3. Easy to carry

1. Smudges bad if you touch it when its wet
2. Glossy ( That can be a Con for some only )
3. Not waterproof
4. Does not last all day

My rating:- 3/5

Hope all of you liked the review :)


Lancy said...

Nice Review Goga :D

Goga said...

Thank you so much Lancy :)

Preetha Karthik said...

i liked how black it is..though it isnt waterproof, i like it..nice review

Goga said...

Thank you Preetha :-) it is nice though. I like it too but I like matte liners more. :-)

Pout Pretty said...

I bought the powder liner from the Noir collection. Not bad

Goga said...

I dint see the powder liner. Is it like a cake liner or something?

Niesha said...

Nice review Gogs..:)

Goga said...

thank you Niesha!! :) <3

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