Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lakme lip love lip conditioner review- Charmer

Hello everyone,
Let me tell you guys something about myself. I am obsessed with lip balms. Infact all the lip products. I just can't live without using a lip balm. I love trying out different varieties of lip balms. Which is why i keep buying them. I dont regret that either because I am able to finish them up too.

Price:- 225/-
Colours available:- Siren, Charmer, Flirt and Hottie

One day I saw someone own one of these cute looking pots with a beautiful heart shape at the opposite end, well I was not that interested at the moment I saw them. Then I even saw 4 of these colours in the store, but again I was like Okay whats so special about you? But after a few months something came over me and I got obsessed with these little pots. I researched properly online and found a colour that I wanted. It was a beautiful corally orange shade. I obsess for a few days and finally go ahead and order it. But that brings me to think why on earth did i have to search to find a colour, why did nt I swatch them and buy there in the shop itself? Well you never know the mind set of make up obsessed people. Weird!

Well coming onto the product. I absolutely love the packaging, its just so cute and does absolulte justice to the name of it. The colour is a pretty orangey coral shade which would look good on any person.

The consistency is like a lip balm. Its not opaque, it is pretty sheer and i love to apply it on top of my Mac See sheer lipstick. It is not as sticky as lip gloss. Just the prefect moisturization. i dont think you can substitute it for a lip balm. Its wont help keep your lips exceptionally soft. You can definitely use it on a lip balm as it is a lip conditioner. I hate the way glosses feel sticky on my lips and hence this thing is prefect for me.

I have used it with cotton bud as well as a lip brush. Although I dont like using my hands, I feel that is the only way this thing applies the best. Cotton absorbs too much of it and it takes too long with a lip brush. You  get the most natural application with the finger only. I hate dipping my finger in it. Come on, it infects my tub you know! Should be some other way.

Swatched without flash using an cotton bud

Swatched in flash

Personally I dont think that this is a must have. It is more of a want product than a need one. If you like the colour and the balmy feel then go for it. But if you love your glosses more and dont like dipping and dirtying your hands, then skip it.

Here are the lip swatches applied with a lip brush.

1. Good colour
2. Sheer
3. Not drying or overly sticky
4. Easily available
5. Inexpensive

1. Hindustan unilever tests on animals
2. I hate dirtying my fingers

My rating for it:- 3.5/5


smita singh said...

gud harman......and u knw this theme...shopping gal...was once my blog's theme

Goga said...

oh wow really? I looked for so many, they had many drawbacks and all. Finally I selected this one. :)

smita singh said...

harman...I just designed my banner....sweets....dekh kar batana kaisa hai...and dear I am hosting my first giveaway...do participate....


Goga said...

Hii. I d love to see and participate :-)

Apoorva Writes said...

Hey Goga :)
nice blog. loved the theme. Im seeing this for the first time as im new to blogging.

And the lip colour suited you so much :)
Im your new follower :)

Do visit my blog.
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Anonymous said...

I have this... :) and lub it... but once it's gone from the lips it doesn't leave the tint behind :(

Goga said...

Hi Apoorva. Thank you so much for liking. :) I ll make sure to check out your blog as well

Goga said...

Hi Swati :) I know i also like some tint for my pale lips :(

Vish said...

Hello Harman

nice shade n suits ur lips :) :)

u have a sweet blog :)

following u

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Sagaciously Beautiful < http://gleanandpreen.blogspot.in >
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