Monday, 25 February 2013

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow tinted moisturizer review!

Hey everyone,

As you know Lotus launched their new tinted moisturizers last week. I was lucky to have found it in the market the very next day of the launch. Today I would share with you all my review on it as I have been using this for the past one week now. I have finally formed an opinion, do without any further delay lets get on with it :)

Price:- 475/-
Quantity- 50 ml

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mua lipstick in shade 13 review!

Hello everyone,

I had promised myself to try and write reviews every single day now but somehow some days laziness gets the better of me and I just dont write any. But today I am fighting my sleep to bring you all a review of the MUA lipstick in shade 13. Back when I ordered it I really wanted a berry/maroon but still wearable lipstick. And seeing that these were only 1 GBP I thought let me try it. But when I opened the pack it turned out to be a true red. I was a bit disappointed but this one has taken it all away.

Price: Pound 1 only

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Brush from, An inexpensive dupe for Sigma F80?

Hey guys,

Todays post is centered around one of my first buffing brushes. This was a regular brush order after seeing pictures online on I wanted to try Sigma F80 but the shipping was very high and hence I thought of first ordering this one and then if I still wanted to go for Sigma F80. At 5$ and free shipping it seemed like a bargain. Read on to know my experience with it.

Price:- Around 5$

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lotus herbals Nutraglow tinted moisturizer swatches!

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was the day that I read about this newly launched tinted moisturizer from Lotus. And surprisingly I got these in the market today itself. As always I am so obsessed with tinted moisturizers these days. I am collecting every single available out there. I seriously need to stop now. But Lotus is a brand that I trust and really like. So I thought let us just give this one a try too.

It is pretty pricey at 475/- but then you get 50 ml in that. So if you calculate it is not really that expensive because of the quantity you get. There are three colours available. The names are the same as the Purestay foundations Fresh Ivory, Bright angel and Hazelnut star. Hazelnut star is a bit dark and would suit almost all the indian skintones. Bright Angel is more pink and Fresh Ivory is very yellow. From the swatches I could tell that they are not very pigmented so you wont get any whitish cast for sure. I was so very confused on which one to buy so I ended up with the yellow looking Fresh Ivory. 

Here are the pictures for you all. :) :) Are you going to give it a try too?? Do share with me :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

My graduation eyes!

Hey everyone,

Here I am sharing with you all the pics from my graduation eye makeup. I was so confused as to whether I should do something simple and nice or go all smokey and purple. So in the end smokey eye makeup won and I went with smokey purple eyes and pink lips. The blending could have been better but I was in a hurry and my brush was just not in the mood to do its job.

I hope you all like it and please so comment and let me know what you think of it :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Purple lace OOTD!

Hiya everyone,

I am a day late in doing this post. I was kind of tired after a long day yesterday, so I thought of putting this up today. I had my convocation yesterday on Valentine's day. I had bought this dress a few months ago but never got a chance to wear it. As soon as I got to know about the convocation I decided to wear this very dress. Since it was pretty cold ( and the dress a bit short) I decided to wear it with black stockings. Also the lining inside the dress was black.

So here is the outfit. Let me know what you think :)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Mua lipstick shade 10 review + How it looks on me

Hey everyone,

So here goes the review of another MUA lipstick. I got this during their 35% off sale a while ago. You can see the stuff I ordered then and the swatches here. This is another of the three randomly ordered lip colors. They were too inexpensive to miss out on. I really wanted a berry red kind of a color which is why I chose two shades from the red family. Turns out the other one is a total red. I would be reviewing that one too soon till then enjoy this one :)

Price:- Cost me less than one pound

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lotus Herbals lipstick O'Orange review + FOTD

Hey everyone,

Here is a review looooooonggggggg pending. I had bought this lipstick almost a whole year ago but I dont know why I never felt like reviewing it. So today I thought its high time to do the same and so I bring forward an Orange lipstick for all you orange lovers!

Price:- I got two for 395/- a while ago

Friday, 8 February 2013

The body shop Cranberry joy hand cream review!

Hey guys,

So here is another product review from one of the Body shop's limited edition range currently on clearance sale. This one is a hand cream. I love using hand creams. I believe they are an absolute must in the winters or you can end up having flaky hands on frequent washing. I am a hand wash freak, at times I feel as if I have an obsessive compulsive disorder to do so :-/ Anyways lets not talk about that and know more about the product :)

Price:- 495/-  after sale 250/-
Quantity- 30 ml

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The body shop Vanilla blliss lip balm review

Hey everyone,

So as you all must know The Body shop has a sale going on currently. Although there is not much discount on the permanent products but there is a huge off on the limited edition products. Its like clearance sale for limited edition stuff. And one of them is this. Stupid me had to go out and buy this lip balm thinking it will be discontinued a little before the actual sale. Now that it is on 50% off I thought I should share my review on it so that atleast you guys and avail the discount :)

Price:- 400/- without discount and 200/- after 50% off

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Mua order 3!

Hey everyone,

So I received my first MUA order out of two on the 50% off sale. I thought I should share the pictures with you all as soon as possible. Enjoy the photus and tell me what you think of my order :)
The pictures are not too good since its raining since morning and its so hard to get a good shot. But hopefully you can easily make out all that I bought

Monday, 4 February 2013

Press Release: Kerastase Elixirs

Kerastase with its Grand Crus oils brings you  exciting options for coiffures. The versatile oils not only nourish, but also style your hair to give it vitality and strength. Kerastase experts recommend the rossette and the loose diagonal back braid this season, among others,  to show off healthy hair. Its easy, chic and stylish. So choose from among the classic elixir ultime or the following extensions to style your hair.

Rose Millenaire for fine hair
Scent - Infused with a delicate floral scent with hints if fragrant freshness.
Result - Fine hair feels regenerated, nourished and soft.

Press release: Kerastase ROSE MILLÉNAIRE + OLÉO COMPLEXE

After the purple Imperial Tea Extension by Kerastase, here comes the lovely warm ROSE MILLÉNAIRE + OLÉO COMPLEXE

Scent: Infused with a delicate floral scent with hints of fragrant freshness For Fine & Sensitised Hair

A unique rose famed for its exceptional restorative and regenerative powers. Rich in Vitamin E and protects the hair from UV radicals.

Light in texture.

Floral & fruity scent.
RESULT? Fine hair feels regenerated, nourished and soft. (125ml) 

1. Use as a pre-cleanse product to prepare the hair. Helps to remove impurities while adding deep nourishment.
2. Use as an intensive leave-in conditioner when hair needs extra nourishment. Apply through the mid-lengths and ends.
3. When applied to lengths and ends before blow drying it nourishes the hair with a restructuring action. The oil traps the active ingredients inside the hair fibre for an instant transformation.
4. Use as a finishing product to perfect your look as well as to control flyaway hair and frizz.
5. The perfect product for demanding hair that needs retouching throughout the day for added control and nourishment.

Price: Rs. 2,300/ - for 125 ml
Available in: Leading Kerastase salons across the country. 

Press Release: Kerastase DERMA-MORPHOSE

Press Release:

Ever wondered about the mighty powers the delicate jasmine flower could contain? L'Oreal Esthetics Keraskin has tapped the most potent of extracts from the snowy white little flower. Called Jasmonic acid, a few drops of this, used once a week, help reverse the ageing process. What is left with is ageless, smooth, shiny skin. WithDERMA-MORPHOSEL’Oréal Advanced Research has developed its most powerful anti-ageing formula ever created. Wrinkles appear healed from inside, dark spots are reduced and lightened, pores are tightened, even scar marks are smoothed out. Only one cellular cycle is required (28 days) to produce flawless, younger looking skin. A complete transformation of the skin. Biologically assisted. Clinically proven.

Its secret: JASMONIC ACID: The ‘hormone of youth’, inspired by its remarkable ability to activate self-regeneration. 

Net Contents: 30 ml
MRP: 5200

Derma Morphose will be available at Keraskin Esthetics affiliated Salons across India.

A day well spent + OOTD

Hey everyone,

So this weekend me and my sis went for lunch to Timber trail resort near Chandigarh. I thought I would share some pics with you all. The Outfit is not something special, its just more of a casual and relaxed one. I paired a bright red jacket with brown pants and brown shoes. Although the lunch was not that good but it was a good break from the regular life and all in all was a day spent pretty well.  

Here are some pictures of my look for that day and some random photos of me :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The body shop haul!

Hey everyone,

As you know the Body shop has a sale going on these days. I was very curious to check what all items they had on sale. Most of the limited item products were on 50% off clearance sale. This included their Lily Cole collection and the Vanilla and Cranberry joy stuff. Most of the other things were on just 10% off. A few of the body butters were on 50% discount too. I had planned an even bigger haul but I was disappointed to see many things on just 10% discount. Anyways this is all that I bought :)

PS:- If you have nt yet bought the Vanilla or Cranberry lip balm, now is the time since its on half price.

My January Vellvette box!

Hey everyone,

Hope all of you are having an amazing weekend. Today I am sharing my Vellvette box pictures. After seeing everyone's boxes I really wanted the same products. I wanted Dior or Benefit foundation samples but I dint get any of those, so there was a little disappointment there. But anyhow I like the stuff that I got. Hope all of you like yours too :) Here are the pictures from my box. Enjoys :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Garnier BB cream review + FOTD!

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful week. Finally after testing for so long I am going to review the newly launched Garnier BB cream. Off late I have grown to be obsessed with face products. I did nt use to bother about them much before but now I am all for everyday tinted moisturizers or BB creams. The price of this BB cream came as a surprise to me and I could not resist buying another face product. So read on to know how it suits me.

Price:- 99/- for 18 ml and 199/- for 40 ml

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