Monday, 25 February 2013

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow tinted moisturizer review!

Hey everyone,

As you know Lotus launched their new tinted moisturizers last week. I was lucky to have found it in the market the very next day of the launch. Today I would share with you all my review on it as I have been using this for the past one week now. I have finally formed an opinion, do without any further delay lets get on with it :)

Price:- 475/-
Quantity- 50 ml

Off late every single company out there is coming out with a new BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I tell you all it is just a plan to keep us broke all the time. As soon as I saw this in the store I just wanted to get it. There were three color choices available which would suit a majority of skintones. I got the yellow based Fresh Ivory which has not proven bad so far.

First of all, this thing has coverage close to zero. I mean it is even lesser than the Garnier BB cream. After using this for one whole week I used garnier BB cream yesterday and comparatively it seemed to give a much more coverage. But I guess the moisturizer has suggested that you follow it up with your foundation. But seriously if you have very scarred or uneven skin and expect it would cover it, it will not. The color selection does nt really matter for me since the coverage is so less.

Secondly, it is actually more of a moisturizer than anything else that I have tried. Your skin feels so hydrated and moisturized. But there are also cons to that. The oil control ability of this is zero. It makes my skin oily within 1 hour of application. No amount of powder soaks up the oil. And I dont even have that much oily skin, its actually combination. So oily skinned people stay away! 

The best part about it is that your skin does not feel dry at all. It gives the perfect amount of moisturization and it can also be used at night. So a plus point in that. This does have Parabens, so if you find them harmful then dont go for it.
Top to down,
Bright Angel
Fresh Ivory
Hazelnut star

Overall, I think this is a great moisturizer for dry skinned people with good skin. Otherwise it is a good moisturizer but just not tinted enough.

1. Hydrates skin well
2. Good quantity
3. Color selection to suit all
4. Can be used at night too as a regular moisturizer
5. Good packaging

1. Very little coverage
2. Makes skin oily soon

My rating:-3.5/5

Are you going to try it? If you have do let me know what you think about it.


All.things.pretty said...

Thanks for the review! I guess I'll give it a miss, considering how low the coverage is.

Sukanya said...

oh God ! this doesn't seem to be impressive at all ! gr n at that price we deserve lot better products... I have combination skin too.. I think they should have launched it in winters !
thnc for the review <3

Niesha said...

Nice review Gogs,
ye parabens picha nai chodne wale na.. :)

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