Monday, 11 February 2013

Mua lipstick shade 10 review + How it looks on me

Hey everyone,

So here goes the review of another MUA lipstick. I got this during their 35% off sale a while ago. You can see the stuff I ordered then and the swatches here. This is another of the three randomly ordered lip colors. They were too inexpensive to miss out on. I really wanted a berry red kind of a color which is why I chose two shades from the red family. Turns out the other one is a total red. I would be reviewing that one too soon till then enjoy this one :)

Price:- Cost me less than one pound

Quantity- 3 gms, Good enough for me

Okay so starting with the pigmentation, this is not really as pigmented as the other two colours that I have. I would term it as averagely pigmented. You need multiple swipes of it to make the color show. The finish is very glossy and it has very fine shimmer particles which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Personally I also do not prefer frost or shimmer kind of lip colors but this one is an exception. The shimmer does not show as much on the lips and looks very nice.

The texture is buttery and smooth. It is not drying or moisturizing. Just pretty comfortable to wear on the lips. The lasting power is pretty average. Around 3 hours. And it tends to get lighter from the inner part of the mouth so you have to touch it up after a while.

The color is a brownish berry kind. It is a universally flattering color. It may look the perfect everyday wear color for darker skin tones. For light to medium ones it is a safer way of wearing a berry color. I have worn this to the office and it does not look over the top. Infact I love the color. It is perfect for the fall season ( which is apparently gone now :-/ )

Anyways I would recommend this color to all of you. Heck its just one pound, and is definitely worth a try! :)

1. Universally flattering color
2. Inexpensive
3. Smooth
4. Non drying
5. Glossy finish

1. Shimmer may not be liked by all

My rating:- 4/5

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :)


All.things.pretty said...

I had bought shade no.6 and hated the frost finish. The shimmer was too visible in that one. But this color looks quite nice!

Jasmin said...

Pretty color.

Apoorva IDiva said...

how come every lipstick suits you?
I have seen the deepest corals.. mattest lippiess.. bright ones.. everything.. just on your blog..
I so envy your skintone :(

Pout Pretty said...

looks great on you :)

Rosh S said...

The colour sure looks good on you :)

Shall we follow each other? Please do visit my blog and let me know!

Goga said...

@All.things.pretty- Yes the shimmer is not too visible. Looks pretty nice :)
@Jasmine and Pout pretty- Thank you so much :)
@Apoorva- Thank you but really theres nothing to envy. :)
@Rosh- Thank you :)

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