Friday, 8 February 2013

The body shop Cranberry joy hand cream review!

Hey guys,

So here is another product review from one of the Body shop's limited edition range currently on clearance sale. This one is a hand cream. I love using hand creams. I believe they are an absolute must in the winters or you can end up having flaky hands on frequent washing. I am a hand wash freak, at times I feel as if I have an obsessive compulsive disorder to do so :-/ Anyways lets not talk about that and know more about the product :)

Price:- 495/-  after sale 250/-
Quantity- 30 ml

I was using the Marks and Spencer hand lotion before this one. But that did not provide enough moisture. So as soon as I got such an awesome deal I grabbed this one. It smells amazing. I accidently sniffed the almond hand cream from TBS and it was awful. I hated the smell of it. But this one if oh so heavenly! *Sniffs hand* love it!

It is a thick cream but it spreads very easily and has a very strong and yummy Cranberry fragrance. I love how it makes my hands feel smooth yet not greasy. I am thinking of picking up the Vanilla one too. It keeps my hands super soft and sort of glowy. LOL Perhaps I m just imagining that one :-P

Anyways although the quantity is less in this one, I think you should go grab one. It has an amazing fragrance and does everything a good hand cream should do. I m gonna keep the review short and simple with a suggestion to all of you to get one before it goes out of stock. :)

1. Amazing fragrance
2. Keeps hands soft
3. Compact size easy to carry
4. Cute red packaging
5. Inexpensive after the discount

1. Less quantity 

Have a great weekend guys! And dont forget to comment, it makes my day..


Preetha Karthik said...

i also saw this on disc harman..def picking it up tom

Dollie Solanki said...

This seems good. I havent tried TBS hand creams...i love L'Occitane ones too

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

I have this its fragrance :-)
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Goga said...

IT is pretty good girls. Infact I got myself the Vanilla one too today :-P

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