Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Brush from buyincoins.com, An inexpensive dupe for Sigma F80?

Hey guys,

Todays post is centered around one of my first buffing brushes. This was a regular brush order after seeing pictures online on www.buyincoins.com. I wanted to try Sigma F80 but the shipping was very high and hence I thought of first ordering this one and then if I still wanted to go for Sigma F80. At 5$ and free shipping it seemed like a bargain. Read on to know my experience with it.

Price:- Around 5$

The package arrived in 14 working days and the brush was nicely bubble wrapped. It did not have any outer cover. So I washed it before using it. The handle is made of bamboo and is very short. The bristles are very dense and of two colors like the Sigma F80.

The first thing I noted was how much it looked like Sigma F80. I did not have it back then so I could not compare. The bristles of this brush are not too soft. Honestly I think you can still use it but in a specific way only. If I pat my face with this brush then it feels a bit harsh. But if I go over my face in circular motions then this brush feels pretty comfortable and not at all scratchy. When I refer to the bristles as scratchy I dont mean the type that literally injure your face. I refer to it as something that does not feel too soft to touch. 

When I just touch the bristles with my fingers they feel pretty soft. The brush does an excellent job at buffing your foundation. It fulfills all its purposes. The bristles are firm and hence you can easily pick up the foundation with your brush and go over your face in circular motion to buff it in. 

Honestly I feel that if you really really want Sigma F80 but do not want to spend as much on it you could give this brush a shot. It is definitely not as soft as Sigma but it also is not as bad as some old Vega brushes that almost bruise your face. Although I do not use this brush any more, I dont regret buying it at all. At 5$ and free shipping it is not a bad deal. The only thing I wonder is if all the brushes are different from each other, one with soft bristles one with harsh. I cannot assure you that since the piece I got is pretty fine.

So I wont really call this brush a duplicate in terms of the softness, but definitely in all other ways. :)

1. Blends excellently
2. Inexpensive
3. Dense, firm bristles
4. Easy to use
5. Does not shed

1. Not very soft

My rating:- 4/5

Have any of you got it too? Share you experiences with me :)


Vish Anne said...

wowwwww i want it i want it
thanks fr d review n comparision

i never knew vega brushes bruise the skin :(

A giveaway is going on: if interested plz chk out dear


Goga said...

I m glad it helped you Vish :) WIll participate for sure

Aparajita said...

I bought this big brush set from buyincoins when I first started applying makeup...the quality was decent considering the price that are available at...I am definitely going to check this one out...

Samannita Modak said...

wow lovely review :)

Niesha said...

nice review Gogs. Even i ordered an eyeshadow palette and the same buffer brushes. good to know that it works fine. :)
Now waiting for my order. hope they do not have quality inconsistencies.

Goga said...

Thank you girls :) I m glad you all liked it

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