Monday, 4 February 2013

Press Release: Kerastase DERMA-MORPHOSE

Press Release:

Ever wondered about the mighty powers the delicate jasmine flower could contain? L'Oreal Esthetics Keraskin has tapped the most potent of extracts from the snowy white little flower. Called Jasmonic acid, a few drops of this, used once a week, help reverse the ageing process. What is left with is ageless, smooth, shiny skin. WithDERMA-MORPHOSEL’Oréal Advanced Research has developed its most powerful anti-ageing formula ever created. Wrinkles appear healed from inside, dark spots are reduced and lightened, pores are tightened, even scar marks are smoothed out. Only one cellular cycle is required (28 days) to produce flawless, younger looking skin. A complete transformation of the skin. Biologically assisted. Clinically proven.

Its secret: JASMONIC ACID: The ‘hormone of youth’, inspired by its remarkable ability to activate self-regeneration. 

Net Contents: 30 ml
MRP: 5200

Derma Morphose will be available at Keraskin Esthetics affiliated Salons across India.


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