Friday, 31 August 2012

Eva fragrance deo Strawberry Melon review

Hey guys,
A while ago one of my friends asked me to review some more deos and perfumes. So today I thought I would review one of my most used deodorants. Eva deos are inexpensive and easily available and I have always liked their deos. I had reviewed one in Choco-Vanilla a while ago and I thought I would review another from their limited edition range that I love.

Price:- 125/-

Nyx Collection noir liquid black liner review

Hey guys,
Hope all of you have amazing plans for the weekend. As you must remember I had my haul post up a while ago, I bought a few Nyx items, one of them I thought that I would review today. So here goes. 
When I was a teenager I always used pencil liners and was so bad at handling the liquid ones. I used to see people use liquid liners and continuously wonder how they managed to do that without poking their eye. My main concern was how to keep one eye closed and one open :-/ That absolutely scared me and I never tried.      A few years ago I bought a liquid liner from Streetwear and watched a lot of Youtube videos and finally understood that you are not supposed to close your eye while putting it on, I have no idea where I got that notion. Now I am a proud user of a liquid liner efficiently. I find using liquid ones so easy that I now find using pencil liners tough. 

My lotus liner was finished and I wanted something with a very thin and a nice tip. While I was ordering stuff from, I saw the tip of this liner and ordered it immediately.

Price:- 4.50$ Roughly 250/- INR

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wishlist for August/September

Hey guys,

Recently I have my eyes on so much of stuff that I thought of creating my very first wishlist. I m a shopaholic, now who around here is not. I love shopping but too bad my city does not have any good shopping options, so I have to mostly order online or wait to go somewhere else. I thought I would compile this list with all the items that I am obsessing over currently. I get so obsessed with some stuff at times that it even comes to haunt me in my sleep. Believe me once I wanted to buy 2 lipsticks but was nt really sure of buying them, for the next few nights I dreamt that I am shopping for those lipsticks. And guess what I ended up buying them too, and I am glad I did :) 

So here goes :)

Mac Peaches blush

Nude platform booties 

Mac Mocha lipstick in this very same packaging

Pink trouser pants

I love shopping!!! Have a great day everyone :)

Paris shopping part 2

Hey everyone,

So this is the second part of my Paris shopping. This part is just focused on the accessories. Me and my sister bought a bag each from the Paris duty free store, they had such cute stuff. I bought all the accessories featuring the Eiffel tower as I wanted something which reminded me of my trip. I got 2 sets of earrings, one I picked from Paris duty free because I really liked them. 

I hope all of you like these pictures :)

The two girly bags, neckpiece, 2 sets of earrings and 2 mirrors.

A close up.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paris and Switzerland shopping part 1

Hey everyone,

I was just sitting today and I thought that I did no post showing my shopping on my recent trip to Europe. I did not really shop too much but I love every single item that I bought. I broke this post into two parts, the first one showing the makeup related items and the second part showing my accessories. 

I am not showing off or anything. I just wanted to show you guys :) Here goes the first part :)

The Bioderma makeup removers/toners, Bobbi brown lipstick, Essence concealer and Essence mascara.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Biotique Bio sandalwood face and body sunscreen Spf 50+ FOTD

Hi guys,
I hope everyone’s week is going good. I thought I would write about the sunscreen that I used a lot during the summers before I got the Lotus herbals spf 70 one. I still like this Biotique one, but after my graduation I rarely go out in the sun, so all my sunscreens are being ignored at the moment. To know more about this one read on.

Product description:- You can read it on the pictures below.

Monday, 27 August 2012

'No makeup' makeup tutorial

Hey guys,
I hope all of you had an amazing weekend. Right now I am at home, doing nothing apart than gaining some weight I guess :-/ most of the time and rarely go out. And sitting at home all the time you cannot totally colour your face and stay like that in this humid weather. I like looking good and was very bored with the 'plain old boring' face I had to see all these days. There was no variation, then ofcourse how would it be without any makeup, so one day I thought I would apply some random stuff and see how it goes. Applying just a little bit makeup made me look so much awake and fresh that I have been doing that since the past so many days. I thought that I would share it with you guys. It takes less than 5 minutes to do and gives you the fresh and no makeup pretty kind of a look. I hope you all like it, share your views with me :)

I shall list all the products alongside with their pictures. My hair was still a bit wet and unruly so please bear with me :)

Step 1:- Since using foundation adds and extra layer on top of the moisturizer, I skipped using it and used a Tinted moisturizer instead. Tinted moisturizers hydrate your skin and also even it out. And believe me I do need some evening out ( even-ing out, if that makes any sense ). 
As you can see I am using Oriflame's very me Peach me perfect skin glow in the light shade

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mac eyeshadow review- Folie

Hey guys,
I just thought today that I would also review my 3 rd eye shadow from Mac. As you will see this is the second half of my incomplete Mac eye shadow quad. This eye shadow is a matte brown colour called Folie. I got this colour in a matte version because all the other eye shadows that I had were mostly shimmery, so in order to avoid too much of bling on my eyes I thought I would go for a matte eye shadow colour. This colour is a dark brown in the pan but not so brown on the eyes. Actually it is very good for the outer V and the crease area.

Price:- 680/- Current price 720/-

This eye shadow is a stuck up one. When i try to swatch it, it just does nt want to come off my finger, so stubborn. It just clung to my finger and made it impossible to swatch, hence the light swatches. The colour it pigmented but not as much as some other eye shadows from Mac. I find the Veluxe pearl finishes the best eye shadow finishes by Mac. They re not too shimmery and are insanely pigmented.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Maybelline clear glow compact review

Hey guys,

I had this post pending since so long that I thought I would finally write about it today. Oh, and by the way I am wearing my new nail polish and I am loving it ^_^. So I got this compact powder around January and the I was buying the BB cream when the boxes arrived with this powder in it. So I just went ahead and I bought one for myself. The SA was trying to give me the lightest shade but I refused her and bought this one instead. I have no idea why these ladies do that to you. When I say something does not match, its for fair skin, she tells me "Aap bhi toh gore hi ho ( You are fair too)". Then I just sigh, get irritated and either leave the product or buy a darker shade. I wonder when they will finally learn to be honest with their customers.

Anyways back onto this product.

Price:- 175/- The main reason why I bought this.

Thursday, 23 August 2012 review

Hey guys,
As you know I ordered some stuff from So  I thought I would share my experience with their service.

I really like some nyx stuff that they had. They have it at really less rates and have a lot of variety. I wanted to have some things so I thought I would order from them. After researching and looking at so much of stuff I narrowed my search down to few items. I really wanted a mint nail paint and I found the perfect colour. Just loving it.

I had placed my order on 1 st august but due to some reason it was not shipped. So I contacted them and it was so nice to get their prompt replies. After messaging them for twice they shipped my order on 5 th sugust. I got that order today on 23 rd august. So its almost 14 working days. And considering I am in a location where the courier services are not that good, it is a good enough time. I am okay till the time the parcel reaches me.

I paid around 9$ shipping for 4 items which is the normal amount which almost all the sites take. The main part is that they even have some sigma stuff that you can buy from them if you really want something at comparatively cheaper rates.

Personally, comparing them to the cherryculture and porkdaisy prices, I think they have prices at a lower rate which is nice. 

So all in all my experience with them was good. This was my first order and would definitely not be the last. Next time I want Nyx or other such brands I am definitely going to order from them. You guys should give it a try too :)


Whoopie! My little haul

Hey guys,
              Look what my mom handed to me when I woke up! I had placed an order around 20 days back with an online website I received my parcel today. YAY! They took like 4 days to process my order and shipped it on 5th august which I received today.

So here are the pictures of what I ordered. I love my new nail paint.. :-D

Revlon Colorstay foundation review- Warm Golden

Hey guys,
How you all doing? I am reviewing another of my foundations today. I have recently started looking into and purchasing foundations. I never really did use them before. This is a foundation that I ordered online based on its reviews and lets see how I liked it.

Price:- 800/-
Color:- Warm Golden

So let me tell you another of my experiences. Back in November, I was so inexperienced ( Yet, i thought I knew a lot) that I did not even get a proper foundation for my sister's wedding. I just got a random match for my mom and used that one only on my face. Now that I see the pictures I realize my face is entirely a wrong colour, I look dark and a little bit too warm, ewww, wish I could go back to my old self and hand me some other bottle which matches me a lot better. I was so stupid, I should have rather gone to Mac and got myself matched. Anyways, lesson for the future, for important functions always predecide your makeup.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mac blush in Springsheen + FOTD

Hey everyone,
Hope that all of you are having a wonderful week. I dont think that I have ever reviewed a blush on my blog yet, I have done it on IMBB but not here. So here I am with the review of my first blush from Mac which is Springsheen.

Price:- 1350/-
Finish:- Sheertone shimmer

For the longest time I have wanted to own Nars blush in Orgasm ( Yeah, I know really weird name ), but being in India I could not have it. Then one day I saw Rati di's post on Imbb which said that MAc springsheen was similar to the Nars blush. So on my next visit to Mac, I tried on a few blushes and absolutely loved this one. So it had to come home with me. Ever since this has been my most used blush. I am currently off the pink blush phase, so I wanted something which was peachy sorts and this blush fits every single requirement. I love this one. ^_^

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The lipsticks I bought in the past year + a dupe

Hey everyone,
I have this unhealthy habit of continually admiring all my makeup items, particularly the lipsticks. So i just decided that I should share my recent ( One year to be precise ) lipstick buys with you all. Most of them I have reviewed on my blog and one of them has been reviewed by me on IMBB, I shall provide the link for it too. Here is the post and I hope you guys like it :)

Enter the style craze giveaway

Hey everyone,
As you all know I am on the giveaway entering phase. Heres another awesome one by :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mac lipstick review- Cosmo

Hey everyone,
So I am back with yet another lipstick review. I have decided on so many products that I have to review in the coming week. This is a lipstick review which is one of my favorites ever. It is such a pretty colour and looks good on almost all the skintones :)

Price:- 990/-
Finish:- Amplified

So I have yet again story ( yeah, you might have guessed by now, I talk a lot! ).

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The body shop bronzer in Warm glow review

Hey guys,
I just noted that I have not reviewed many cheek products on my blog yet. So I thought I would review one of them. This one is a so called bronzer ( Liar Liar pants on fire) but I have no idea why they names it so. It is definitely not a bronzer but a highlighter. Atleast as far as my thoughts are. Bronzers should be dark and much less shimmery. Obviously you would nt have too much of shimmer beneath the cheek bone, it would plainly look weird. So all in all I have no idea why it is a bronzer as per The body shop people.

But anyhow whatever it is, the product is amazing. It is my first and only highlighter till now and I like it a lot.

Price:- 1075/-

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mac eye shadow- All that glitters review

Hey everyone,
So I have another Mac eye shadow review for you all. I have not collected too many Mac eye shadows because the Mac store near me opened only about a year and a half ago. And also I try not to shop just for the sake of shopping, but well any how I do end up doing that only, but then dont we all? :-S

Anyways back to the eye shadow, I am a huge neutral shadow fan. Ever since I was little, if you give me to compare a neutral and coloured eye shadow, I d always pick the neutral ones. Oh well thats my little obsession with neutral eye shadows. About this eye shadow I would have to say that All that glitters is not gold, its infact a beautiful beige kind of a colour with micro mini shimmer particles since it is a veluxe pearl one. And I love this one.

Price:- 680 or 720/- in the pan form and 900/- otherwise.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Eos lip balm in Passion fruit review

Hello guys,
I was just lazing around today and thinking that I should write a review, but was sort of confused what to write about. Suddenly my egg shaped lip balm comes in front of me and it hits me instantly, yes this is what I will write about. SO here goes the review. :-)

A long time back I saw these lip balms on the internet. My sister was in USA at that time and I emailed her telling that I wanted one of these in summer fruit flavor. She got me that, and my reaction when I first put it on, ewwwwww, this smells so strong and bad. I dont like it at all. It does not impart any shine to my lips.. NOOO, and disappointed I gave it to my sister. She really liked it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Golden Green festive eyes- MY first eye makeup tutorial

Hey everyone,
This is my very first attempt at doing an eye makeup tutorial. I have never before tried it because i was nt sure if I could click good pictures or not. But today I finally tried it for the first time.

I chose to do coppery gold and green because these are the colours which are mostly present in our ethnic clothes. The embroidery is generally in gold and I dont know how but they do always add a hint of green too alongside.

Lets get on with it:- :)

Step 1:- Prime your eyes. I used Mac Paint pot in Painterly. If you dont have an eye primer make sure you use some foundation or concealer on your eyes. This will help the colours show up better and the makeup last longer.

Step 2:- Add some loose powder ( compact ) on your eyes with a brush so that it can help control the oil on the lids and help colours blend easily.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy independence day!

Hello everyone,
This is just a post to wish you all a very happy independence day. It makes me sorts of nostalgic as I remember all those days in school when we had some parades or plays. It was all worth celebrating and remembering.

May you all get such freedom in your life always.


Lotus Herbals Pure color lipstick in Peach creme review and LOTD

Hey guys,
How are you doing? As many of you might be knowing I recently posted an OOTD post and this post is the review of the lipstick that I wore in that. Oh Yeah I have become a hard core fan of lipsticks and have joined the band wagon with many other lipstick lovers out there.

If I had the option  to wear only a few make up products, believe me a lipcolor would always be on my list. Naturally, I have really pale lips and it makes me look sick and also as if i have smoked some 100 cigarettes or something. So I always prefer to cover them in some colour. They are pigmented, just pale devoid of any colour. In college I did not wear any makeup till the last semester. So I always used tinted lip balms along with kajal. It kind of surprises me how a person's tastes change over time. I used to love wearing kajal and now I just find it too hard to remove. Hence, Kajal is not on the top in my make up list.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My 3 awards and a game :)

Hey everyone,
So i got this liebster award from Dolon of, Smita of and Swati of I know I have been a bit late in doing this post. But thank you so much guys for considering me and giving me this award.

There is also a fun game involved and as per the rules, I have to do the following:

Post 11 things about myself
Answer the tagger’s questions
Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
Go to the bloggers page and inform them about the awards.

My outfit and makeup of the day

Hey guys,
So i attended a party yesterday and I thought that I would do an outfit of the day post on my blog. This is the first time that I am doing an OOTD here, you may have seen my OOTDs on This is the first times trying here, so I hope you all like it.

I am also trying to include the pictures of the makeup that I had on. Also my face sort of looks lighter than my neck in the pictures, I have no idea why. It looked okay but the camera makes my face show up like that. Guess my foundation is not really good for clicking pictures in flash. Anyhow I hope you guys bear with me and like this post :)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in Pretty please review and FOTD

Hello everyone,
Hope you're all having an amazing weekend. This is yet another lipstick post. I have finally let go of my obsession with Mac lipsticks and have started looking into other brands too. This is yet another lipstick buy which was bought just because I wanted to buy one. I have no idea why I really wanted another lipstick but I did. So I went to my local store and he showed me a few lipsticks. I could not try them on my lips but just swatched them. I liked this coral colour so I bought it and it was not even that expensive. Hence here goes the review.

Price:- 225/- got it for 210/- or something

Friday, 10 August 2012

My blog is 1 month old

Hey everyone!
It is amazing how time passes and how with every going second you become wiser and more mature. And I am so glad to be saying this, that my blog is 1 month old today. Yay! I have received such wonderful response and it has been an amazing journey so far. I wish to continue this journey and learn lots more.

Meanwhile I would love to thank you all for viewing, commenting and liking my posts. Even a single new comment makes me so excited. I will be holding some giveaways and all too in the future. I am just learning about how all this works yet. By far this is one of the best attempts that I have done at everything I like.

Once again, thank you so much :)

Eva Perfumed body spray in choco-vanilla review

Hey ladies,
                  I am reviewing one of the yummiest and wonderful smelling body sprays which is Eva dual fragrance perfumes body spray in choco-vanilla.

Price:- 125/-

Eva body sprays are very inexpensive and good spray which I like a lot. I have tried so many high end deodorants and perfumes too, and believe me it compares to their level. I personally find that all the deos by the brand Eva are very good. Their fragrance lasts so long and you keep feeling fresh all day. Even when I go to bed at night I can feel the fragrance of the deo. This one makes me want to eat my own self :-P

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Sapphire Ice review

Hello guys,
                Finally the weather here in my city is turning so much better and I am so glad about it. It makes my mood good for the whole day. I thought I would write about an eyeshadow quad which I own.

A while ago I won a contest on's Facebook page. As a prize I got many beauty goodies. This eyeshadow quad was one of them. It is a collection of blue based eyeshadows and can be used to create a smokey eye effect.

Price:- 240/- as mentioned on the pack

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Lakme lip love lip conditioner review- Charmer

Hello everyone,
Let me tell you guys something about myself. I am obsessed with lip balms. Infact all the lip products. I just can't live without using a lip balm. I love trying out different varieties of lip balms. Which is why i keep buying them. I dont regret that either because I am able to finish them up too.

Price:- 225/-
Colours available:- Siren, Charmer, Flirt and Hottie

One day I saw someone own one of these cute looking pots with a beautiful heart shape at the opposite end, well I was not that interested at the moment I saw them. Then I even saw 4 of these colours in the store, but again I was like Okay whats so special about you? But after a few months something came over me and I got obsessed with these little pots. I researched properly online and found a colour that I wanted. It was a beautiful corally orange shade. I obsess for a few days and finally go ahead and order it. But that brings me to think why on earth did i have to search to find a colour, why did nt I swatch them and buy there in the shop itself? Well you never know the mind set of make up obsessed people. Weird!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The body shop shea lip butter

Hey everyone,
I am back with the review of another lip products. This time its lip care rather than lip color. This is one product that i bought mainly for its fragrance. Due to some odd reason I am obsessed with everything that smells like vanilla or shea. One day at The Body shop i was looking at little lip cutter tubs and the fragrance of one just caught my notice. I left it that day and after that I found myself thinking more and more about it, until finally it was gifted to me. I was so glad that day. :)

Price:- 225/-

Ingredients:- I tried to click a picture of it but they re printed in such a small text, so i wonder if you guys can read that.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lotus Herbals Pure radiance matte glow daily foundation review

Hey guys,
Hope you all are having a good time. I m back into my normal form. It was a hectic week but every bit worth it. I thought I would do a foundation review for you all.

This one is the Lotus Herbals foundation in the colour Fresh Ivory. I bought this foundation without any particular reason. I had a coupon code for, so i thought that I would order something before that coupon expired. I bought 3 things including this foundation.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

BEE-One neem and tulsi face pack review

Hi guys,

Hope your day is going well. I had a wonderful vacation in Europe. I am back with the review of another face pack. This is a relatively inexpensive face pack which I really like. Read on to find more about it.

Product description:- Its all mentioned in the picture below

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