Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Clean n Clear clear fairness cream review

Hey everyone,

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week. Due to the extreme heat in Punjab these days, I have always used a moisturizer which is oil free so that my combination skin does not look like a disco ball. In any case my nose never stops shining like a star and I dont need any more shine by using some products which are greasy. The first time I saw this cream in one of my local stores I was nt really interested. But the other day I saw it in the supermarket and since it was the little tube and the cream claimed to be oil free, I just grabbed it. Read on to know how I liked it.

Price: 65/- for 20 gm

I being very excited when I get some new products, so very happily I washed my face and applied this. To my horror, I looked like a white ghost. It seemed as if I had rub some flour on my face, ewww and it was not even moisturizing. I tried to blend and blend but it did not lose its white cast. My skin felt stretchy and as if I had some layer on it.

I tried it the next day, but hated it as before. Then I tried to mix it with my neutrogena oil free moisture, and it worked a bit better but I hated the effect it  had on my skin. There is no moisturizing properties in this, and if pink fairness means fairness as if you put your head in a bowl of flour, then no thank you I am okay being no fair. 

The texture is like those drying and flaky creams which go into your skin soon and make it whitish. It did not really control oil for long too. It was for pretty average time. So I dont really think this cream behaved well for its claims.

Final word, I hate this thing. This is not moisturizing or any thing else and you cant even wear it anywhere outside since your skin will look white and flaky. My poor money got wasted and these 20 gms are lying as it is. You can see it below, it looks much better on the hands than on the face, too bad this is not moisturizing and I cant even use it as a hand cream.

I dont even wanna list any pros and cons for something I did not like. There are no ingredients so I dont even know if they have something harmful in it which makes the skin look so. 

My rating:- 1/5


Shourima Ghosh said...

terrifying! i have never used any fairness creme in my life! im always afraid of it!

Goga said...

I have no idea why I picked this one up. What i mainly wanted was to try some other oil free lotion or cream. This is so bad!

neha mishra said...

Thnx fr this review...I'd seen it's ad recently and was gonna try this out...but aftr reading this review i'll stay away frm it... Thnq for saving me from wasting my money.... :)

Im a new blogger...Wud love it if u dropped by sometime..

Goga said...

Hi Neha. I m glad it helped you :)

Apoorva Writes said...

Yaar harman..thank u so much.. I liked the pack color n I might have bought it thus weekend LOL thank u so much for saving my money.
Now I wonder, its giving a white cast on ur fair skin what can it do to my dusky skin LOL

Goga said...

hey Apoorva- I m glad I helped. I was more curious about the oil free and oil control part. You know the white cast is not like a light shade foundation, its just like you have 'atta' on your face :-/

Mairaj said...

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Shikha Sharma said...

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Naina Katyal said...

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