Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lakme Enrich satins no.352. The perfect inexpensive red!

Hey everyone,

It seems like it has been so long since I last did a lipstick review. I thought I would do a red lip color review today. As you all know that red is in all the time and it is an amazing lipcolor which can perfectly transform your look. But its not a color that you would wear every single day unless you are comfortable with it, so I think it is better to have an inexpensive red rather than a very expensive one. And here I am with such a red from lakme.

Price:- 225/-

Last year when my sister was getting married I wanted to get her the perfect bright red, not maroon, not dark red, but a bright red lipcolor. I hunted so many stores until I came across this one from Lakme. The colour was exactly what I wanted and it was smooth and creamy. So I bought it for her.

Back then I did not really know much about the textures of lipsticks and all. I tried this one without a lipliner underneath but unfortunately, it bled, it went out of the lines of my lips. And that was a perfect no no for a bride to be. So I had to start hunting again. But nevertheless this lipcolor rests with me and I believe that I can make it work if I wear a red lip liner underneath it. 

The positives about this lipstick are its colour, the smooth and easy to apply formula, and its price. But if you want a red that stays for a very long time and does not bleed or weather off then I would not recommend this colour to you. This one is more for people who just want to try one without spending too much and see how a red colour fares for them. Since it is very creamy it has melted a bit in this heat, but you can store it in the fridge to avoid that.

The negatives about this one are its chemically smell which i so hate, and the way it bleeds. Due to this it really does not last too long, it rather wears off from the center of the lip. So you need to reapply. But if  you do not mind all this then you should definitely give it a try. Also I would recommend a lip liner underneath to control the bleeding part a bit.

The swatches:-

You can see in the lip swatches what an amazing colour it is. I have another red which a a bit more blue toned than this, this is more of a pure red colour.

I would definitely recommend it if you want to try out red for the first time and do not want to spend too much. But if you are bothered by the bleeding fact and the smell then definitely skip this one :)

1. Best red colour
2. Inexpensive
3. Creamy
4. Does not dry out the lips
5. Satiny shine
6. Makes the fine lines less visible

1. The horrible smell
2. Bleeds
3. Lasts a less amount of time.
4. Melted a bit due to the heat

My rating:- 4/5

Share your thoughts in the comments :)


guggz said...

color bar lipcolors r the best

Shourima Ghosh said...

oye! this one is hot!

Jyotirupa Mishra said...

Hot Red!!! <3 I love the finish of these lipsticks but as u have already mentioned i hate how these bleed and lasts really short on the lips. :/ BTW loved your lip swatch. :D

riddhi jholapara said...

bleeding lipstick !! i ll give dis one a pass

Shruti Dhingra Wahi said...

Lovely colour :-)
loved your pout in the last pic ;-)


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Goga said...

@Guggz- I have onyl one from COlorbar. :) Really like it

Goga said...

@Shourima- This one is really nice. I love its colour :)

Goga said...

@Jyotirupa Mishra- I have nt bought any other Lakme lipstick due to this very reason :) Thank you :)

Goga said...

@Riddhi- Yeah, this is better for starters with red lipstick :)

Goga said...

@Shruti Dhingra Wahi- Thank you so much ;-) This is the first time I posted the pout picture :-P

All.things.pretty said...

OOh beautiful! It's the perfect red! Too bad it bleeds

Lancy said...

Hottttttttttttt :D

Nivedita said...

I wanted this chilli pepper color. But the SA confused me and I had got a dark shade instead :(

You lips look hawt!

Goga said...

@All things pretty- I know thats the biggest sad part about it

Goga said...

@Lancy- It really is ;-)

Goga said...

@Nivedita- Thank you :) SAs always confuse, they should not be trusted ever :-/

shooting star said...

it looks a good shade...so must check out lakme counter soon :)


Niesha said...

Wow.. i love this .pure red .:)
Looks good gogs.:)

Goga said...

@Shooting star- You should totally do that. :)

Goga said...

@Niesha- It really is very nice. Totally give it a try :)

Demi Mist said...

I don't use red, but it looks great on your lips.
Maybe I should give it a try.

Mona said...

Hi you can try Max Factor Chilli 853. Its really good when you want something really bright and does not smudge...:)

Goga said...

@Demi Mist- Thank you :) You should definitely try red. That is why I think it is better to try an inexpensive one, so that if you dont like it, theres no regret :)

Goga said...

@Mona- I have three other red lipcolors :) But I dont really wear it so often so planning not to buy anymore of these :)

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