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Lotus Herbals SPF-70 sunblock review

Hey guys,

So today's review is about something that I obsess over a lot and that would be sunscreens/sunblocks. Seriously guys I dont really understand why so many people avoid such an important part of our daily routine? The sun can cause some serious damage to our skin and we should make all possible attempts to avoid any such kind of a damage. You know a few years ago I did not really know that a sunscreen should be applied every 3 to 4 hours. I used to end up horribly tanned every time. Now that I know I can definitely say that my tanning has improved pretty much.
Price:- 495/- I got it for 346/- way back when it was launched

I first got a sample pack of this sunblock when it was launched. I used it and really like how it looked on my skin. When my sample pack got over I looked for the full bottle on the internet and got it at for 350 INR while in the market it was for 495 INR. So I have been using this sunblock ever since and so I thought that I would review it for you all today. I used this sunblock all throughout my Europe trip and managed not to get horrbily tanned.

So first of all, this is a tinted sunblock. It has a very light yellow sort of a colour to it which would suit many indian skintones. I personally feel that the colour of it matches me very well and gives me very even looking skin. But the colour may not match much with the darker skintones and that can be a problem. I have also used the Lotus 3 in 1 matte sunblock too, but somehow I used to feel that it did not suit my sensitive skin much. My skin felt a little weird after putting it on. But I have had no such experiences with this one and I like how it feels on my skin.

The sunblock claims a lot of things which I cant really say that all are true because I dont use it every single day. But I dont know why it reminds me of a BB cream due to its claims. The SPF power is 70 and I dont really know if it is a good thing or a bad since an SPF 30 suncreen gives about 95% protection, sPF 50 gives about 98% protection, so by increasing the power beyond 50 there is a change in only the few points. SO I dont think that SPF-70 is really required. An SPF-30 used properly can give as good a protection.

Overall this suncreen gives me a very even skintone. The coverage is not much but on my skin it makes me look flawlessly even toned. I dont even use foundation on top of it. The effect is completely matte which lasts around 4 hours after which my skin becomes shiny and I need to blot it with my blotting paper. The finish is not overly matte but a glowly radiant kind. I really like how it feels on my skin and the kind of finish it gives me.

As you can see a little goes a long way

The only issue I have with this is its price. It is highly expensive for a sunblock. Although the quantity is good but 500/- is pretty expensive. But it surely does last long and as compared to the BB creams is less expensive.

The colour may not suit everyone since it does give a whitish cast at first, but it settles down after a while. The yellow undertone is a plus point since most of us are yellow toned rather than pink toned. I reapply the sunblock every 4 hours if I am in the sun constantly and layering it does look weird at first. So I think it is better to take a wipe and remove the previous one and then put on a fresh layer.

Summing up this review, I like this sunblock a lot and I may repurchase it because it looks very nice on my skin and gives a glowy yet matte effect. If you are darker then I think you should try it first somehow and then decide if you want to buy it :)

1. Makes my skin eventoned
2. Does not look whitish in flash photography too
3. Did not break em out
4. Does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin
5. A little goes a long way

1.Expensive as compared to other sunblocks
2. The colour may look odd on darker skintones

My rating:- 4.5/5

Have a great week ahead everyone! :)


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