Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nyx Shine killer review

Hey guys,
I thought I should do a product review today since it has been pretty long since I last did one. I ordered some Nyx stuff from You can see the haul here. Due to the extreme hot weather I sort of had big time oily skin all summer so I thought that I should get a primer so that the oil can be controlled to some extent. 

Price:- 9$ approximately

I have used this primer since then so I thought that I should review it today. This is very good in pore tightening too. As soon as put the primer on, all the shine goes away from my face. It becomes completely matte which is a good thing. The primer has a mousse like texture and blends so easily into the skin, its sort of effortless. The pore seem a bit tightened and also the foundation goes on much smoother.

As comes the oil controlling part, it does not do much on that end. I mean it does take away all the shine but it does not prolong the matte effect. My skin gets oily around the same time only. So this wont really benefit those people much who are looking for a primer to keep their skin matte throughout the day. Otherwise it is a very nice primer and it makes the foundation go on smoother and last much longer.

This primer is silicon based as it has dimethicone, so it would not suit people who are sensitive to it. Also it has parabens, so I must say that the ingredient list is not pretty good for this little guy.

My skin did not break out using it. At times I just use it on top of my tinted moisturizer to take away the excess shine and it really does do that. I like it for that fact the most. Its easy to use and I think all of us must have one primer in our beauty bags so that we can prolong our foundation wear.

Lets move on to its pros and cons :)

1. Takes away the shine
2. Keeps skin matte for around 3 to 4 hours
3. Makes foundation go on smoother
4. Did not break me out

1. Contains silicon
2. Contains parabens
3. Should have kept the oil at bay for a longer period of time

My rating:- 3.5/5

You guys can check out the various sites offering Nyx products if you are interested in buying this one:)
Until tomorrow, take care :)


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