Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eva Deo in Glee review

Hey everyone,

I was just thinking about what to review next when I saw the image of this deo on my computer and I thought that I should review it now. I am sort of confused by this mist, it is also supposed to be Peppy fruity, but I have no idea whether Peppy fruity is its name or something else. Anyhow, I have this obsession with buying Eva deos, I keep collecting them since they are so inexpensive. I have a good collection of other non Eva stuff too, but for everyday I love these ones.

Price:- 125/-

I m thinking of doing a Perfume collection soon. There are some that I use often and some that I dont. I m a person with a bad memory, if something is lying in my shower I will use it but I always forget to use the perfumes on my vanity even if I specifically command myself to remember using it. I got this Vanilla perfume from Paris which I lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Its amazing. But back onto the review of this one. 

All the eva deos last long but surprisingly this one is an exception. It does not last too long although it does smell good. It is indeed fruity but I cannot make out which fruit it is ( :-/) But the fragrance is one that most of the people would like. I think this one has been discontinued now or probably it was limited edition. I am not able to find it on Eva's site now. 

The price is very less which means you can give it a try without feeling guilty. I keep buying Eva deos again and again because of their fragrances. I am not too fond of this one although it is nice, it is a bit pungent too. The staying power is average so its not a must have for me.
You could give it a try if  you find it anywhere I think it deserves one sniff. :)

1. Inexpensive
2. Fruity smell

1. Does not last too long
2. The fragrance is a bit pungent

My rating:- 3/5 

Have a great week guys :)


Boomerang Plus said...

yeaa... these are all fruity n good but not effective.. like ur honest opinion :)

wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Career shifts: the heart of it

~Boomerang Plus

Goga said...

Hii.. Thank you for commenting. I will surely read your post :)

Jennifer Bobby said...

i am not particularly fond of eva deos....... waiting for ur perfume collection post.... :)

Goga said...

:) I will do it soon. Doing a vanity post today, theres a bit of a glimpse of my perfumes there :)

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