Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nivea fruity shine- Pink guava review

Hey everyone,

Let me tell you something about myself. I am obsessed with lip balms. I collect them like crazy. I love the nivea lip balms for their soft shine and natural looking colour. Here is another one of those lip balms. This is the third flavor that I have tried and I loved every one of them. This time I am reviewing the pink guava one that I picked up on impulse but love it totally! Here goes the review:-

Price:- 120/-

I don't have naturally pink lips, I used to but lost all colour due to eczema. So I am always on the hunt for tinted lip balms. Nivea ones have never disappointed me. The colour is a soft pink that looks very nice on everyone. It gives my lips that hint of pink and makes them look healthy. 

This lip balm has never caused any reaction or rashes and keeps my lips soft. The only issue is that the lip balm does not last too long. It has to be reapplied but I dont find it an issue. Even after a while the balm is gone but lips are moisturized.

It has tiny sparkle which is not even visible on the lips. The lip balm gives a nice glossy sheen. I use it underneath my matte lipsticks and it makes the colour look so pretty and satiny. It does not look dry at all and the lasting power is the same. I m half way through my lip balm and am definitely going to buy it again. 

The only issue is that it has no SPF which should be present in everything that we use.

Lets sum up the review :)

1. Tinted
2. Looks great on everyone
3. Makes lips look healthy
4. Can be used underneath lipstick too
5. Soft glossy sheen
6. Available in many colours

1. Fades away easily
2. No SPF

My rating:- 5/5

I just love the tinted version of nivea lip balms. I have never tried dragon fruit or whatever the name is, but definitely getting it soon :)


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