Monday, 1 October 2012

Mac lipsick review- Creme in your coffee

Hey everyone,

I am back with another lipstick review. Yeah, I am kind of a lipstick fan. I love using lipcolors and lip balms, they make my lips look so healthy. The colour I am going to review today is a Cremesheen finish lipstick from Mac called Creme in your coffee. I had originally bought this lipcolor in place of Cosmo, but ultimately ended up buying Cosmo too. This color has become my sister's favorite one and she uses it a lot.

Price:- 990/-
Finish- Cremesheen

First of all I would like to tell you that this is one 'Chameleon' colour. It looks entirely different in different lighting and on different people. At times it looks brown, at times pink and at times mauvish. I really cannot describe the colour of it. Also I have not yet seen or bought any similar colour.

I originally went to buy Cosmo, but in the store lighting it looked too weird on me, so I tried on a darker colour and it looked really nice. But outside the store it looks a little bit dark on me. Which is the reason why I used it for a few months and then started ignoring it completely. But it is not that ignored since my sister loves the colour and uses only this colour lately. 

The finish is cremesheen. It is very creamy to apply and does not dry your lips out. The staying power is an average 3 to 4 hours since it is more creamy. It glides on very smoothly. The colour would suit every skin tone very well. On darker skin tones it will look like a very pretty pink brown and I highly recommend it to people who are NC 40 and above. This colour would not disappoint you!

The swatches can do more justice to the colour as I am not able to describe it very well. You can see for yourself. My skintone is around NC 35 to NC 37.

Lets sum up the review.

1. Versatile colour. Would suit everyone
2. Glides easily
3. Does not dry the lips out
4. Decent lasting power

1. The lighter skintones may find it a bit dark, but that depends on the personal choice.

My rating:- 4.5/5
hehehe how it looks when I put a tissue on top of it freshly applied.

I would highly recommend you all to try this colour for sure.


Poorva said...

Great review :-)
Loved the last pic... So cute :-)

Smitha said...

lovely shade Harman..Will check it out at the store!

♥CrazyPopLock a.k.a Bharti♥ said...

so weird that it looks maroon and then pinkish on the lips and then brown on the tissue lol. I'll definitely try this whenever I get the chance to visit the mac store ^_^.

Ritu said...

it looks entirely different on my pigmented lips... it looks like a nude pink!
looks awesome on you! and I loved the last piccy:)

All.things.pretty said...

Looks like a nice color! Doesn't the name sound yummy? :)

Goga said...

@Poorva- Thank you :)

Goga said...

@Smitha- You should definitely do that. It is a very pretty colour :)

Goga said...

@Bharti- hahah that is exactly why I find it to be a chameleon colour. Looks so different at times even I cant recognize it :)

Goga said...

@Ritu- Thank you :) Actually my lips are not at all pigmented so any colour I use shows up as it is :)

Goga said...

@All things pretty- Yup it is definitely a yummy name :-P

preethi Prasad said...

nice review..and i didnt try MAC....have to try

Tejinder Kaur said...

Pretty shade..

Tejinder Kaur said...

Pretty shade..

Coral Crue said...

lovely shade!

Goga said...

Thank you guys :-) and preset hi you must try Mac, their lipsticks are my fav

Lancy said...

That's such a beautiful shade Goga <3 Nice review

Goga said...

Thank you Lancy :) <3

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