Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Colorbar eyeliner- Flirty Turq review

Hey guys,

Hope all of you are having an amazing week. Today I am going to review my newest addition to colored eyeliners. I had been looking for this color since so long but somehow I used to forget about it at a Colorbar counter or it was out of stock. Finally I remembered swatching it and the colour was love at first sight. It is an amazing greenish blue colour and I must say it is very unique too. 

Price:- 395/-

Okay so the first thing I noted when I swatched it on my hand was that it is so smooth. The texture is amazing, it did not tug or pull and was so smooth to apply. I had to buy it then. From using it I have noted that the pencil is really easy to apply and would be perfect for people who love pencil liners and do not like liners that are hard to apply.

The colour is a greenish blue kind of a colour which is kind of hard to describe. But I just love it for its uniqueness. It is a pretty wearable color and I ve worn it quite a few times to work too. 

The eye pencil is definitely stay on. Once it sets it does not smudge. The only issue I have with it is that it sort or transfers onto my eyelids after wearing it for about 6 hours. But I cannot really blame this pencil for that since almost all the pencil liners do that to my eyes. They stick to my eyelid. That is why I prefer liquid liners but for the colour of this one I am willing to make an exception.

On smudging it really hard with my hand

If you have normal eyelids which are not so oily then I am sure that this pencil is going to last for a really long time. I rubbed m hand so hard still it only smudged a little bit. The proof will soon follow in the pictures.

The pencil is a bit hard to apply for me because its too soft. It sort of runs on its own. Also some product is going to be wasted in sharpening the pencil too. But since it is soft you can easily use it as an eye shadow.

You can see my wear this eyeliner in this makeup post here

1. Unique colour
2. Affordable
3. Soft and smooth
4. Not smudging
5. Available easily at all Colorbar counters
6. Can be used as an eyeshadow too

1. Transfers onto my eyelids after 6 hours

My rating:- 4.8/5

I highly recommend it to all of you too. Do give it a try.


Preetha Karthik said...

totally loved ur eotd..i lov this shade too..:)

Samannita Modak said...

lovely eotd...i want it too :)

Goga said...

You should totally get it :-)

Niesha said...

Amazing shade Gogs.:)
It is similar to faces turquoise blue.

Goga said...

Really :) Thats nice, faces is a cheaper option

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