Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Site I would never recommend :

Hey everyone,

So long back I started writing these blog posts with reviews of different websites. Till now I have only written positive reviews, but here I go with a negative one too.

Around ten days ago my sister and I ordered pen drives from She ordered a pink coloured one and I ordered a cute printed pink pen drive. I was so happy with my order and so excited to when I got the parcel. But on opening I see that one pink pen drive is there but the other one is an old looking black pen drive which is no where near to what I ordered. I thought that I would just query the website and let them know.

But the website is so unprofessional that inspite of me sending them about 6 emails and also emailing the seller asking him about my product, I have received no reply. I also called them every single day since the past 3 days but no one picks up my call. Now you people tell me as consumers is it right for some site to show you entirely something else and then send you a totally different product and moreover have such a bad consumer support that they dont even reply to any emails or pick up the calls. This is totally fraud and I dont think it is acceptable.

So I would like to warn you all to be wary of such websites. My item did not cost a lot but what if someone orders a very expensive thing and then gets something else in return. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Has anything like this every happened to you? Share your views with me. 

I would never recommend to any of you guys.

Take care!


Deeptima said...

Thank you Harman for letting us all know abt this bad experience :( this is really not acceptable.. how unprofessional :( can i share this post on my fb page ?

Apoorva IDiva said...

I was eyeing a top from this site.. but now that I got this awesome review..
Im never going there..!!
so unprofessional!!

All.things.pretty said...

Thank you for informing us about the site and their unprofessional ways.

Goga said...

Hi Deeptima. Please feel free to share. This is really bad that after 6 emails and calling for 3 days I got no response at all.

Goga said...

@Apoorva and All.things.pretty- I am glad I could help you guys. Seriously it is very frustrating


OMG..this is absolutely ridiculous.... Our hard earned money can't be wasted in such hilarious websites...Harman...Spread this to the world by posting this link on their FB page...

Goga said...

I did message them. And finally I received a call from them today. But still the experience was really very bad.

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