Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lotus Herbals purestay lipstick- Apricot Bliss review

Hey everyone,
Hope all of you had an amazing week. I did a bit Lotus shopping this week and I wanted to post the pictures but my internet was down. Finally I am posting from my cell phoe today. I searched shops for the new lotus herbals range and finally found it in one store here in Chandigarh. I bought one lipstick and one lip gloss. Will put up that post soon. I got the shade that I had decided on getting ever since the collection was launched. It is Apricot Bliss. Here goes the review of it.

Price- 495/-

Quantity- 4 gms

The price is a little high for the normal range at which lotus is available but then this is the long staying one, so that is kind of justified. The packaging is so much similar to Mac's prolongwear range, I feel that only the colour is different. Rest the shape of the lip color and the packaging is the same. It comes along with a satin pouch which is of such a cute colour. All in all the packaging is really classy.

The colour is not really a nude, it is a beautiful rosey brown kind of a colour. It is definitely more pink than brown. On me it looks very rosey and flattering. I find that the colour is one which would suit every person irrespective of their skintone. It would look like a my lips but better colour for darker skinned ladies, but all in all it is a universally flattering shade..

The staying power is pretty good. I put it on and then had breakfast ( a big bowl of cereal ) and it did not go away. It stayed on my lips and the lasting power is easily 5 hours + but it does get uneven after heavy meals and all.

The pigmentations is average and can be easily built up. The texture is smooth but not the kind of texture which just glides on effortlessly. It still comes under a smooth texture. Since all the long staying lip colors are not that smooth so this is not really an issue. The lipstick does not have any harmful ingredients which is so cool since it will not harm your skin. It has a faint flowery smeel which is not an issue since it fades away. The lipstick does not dry out your lips and is so comfortable to wear. It also does not exaggerate the fine lines of the lips too.

Overall I think it is a must have lip color and the range is pretty good too. Its very comfortable to wear and the colour is easy to pull off.

I highly recommend this lip colour to all of you. Do give it a try, I am sure you ll love it.

1. Long lasting
2. Beautiful colour
3 Does not dry out the lips
4. Good pigmentation
5. Does not accentuate fine lines
6. Transfers lesser than other lip colours.

1. Not too smooth
2. Expensive

Have any of you tried it too? Let me know what you think.


Poorva said...

ur looking great in the pics :) this colour is really suiting u :)

preethi Prasad said...

pretty shade ..looking gr8 on u..join my give away...

Samannita Modak said...

lovely shade.and nice review :)

Niesha said...

Apricot bliss is an amazing color Gogs and you are looking pretty!!

All.things.pretty said...

you look great! Maybelline's coral pink looks somewhat like this color on my lips.

♥CrazyPopLock a.k.a Bharti♥ said...

God these lipsticks are every where in Indian Beauty Blogger world! Some how I have a feeling that I might end up buying one cause of the packaging is so attractive O_O. This shade looks great on you! You looking so lovely ^_^.

Apoorva Writes said...

nice peachy shade :):)
suited you :)

sunaa said...

wow gorgeous shade.. looks gr8 on u goga

Beauty and Makeup Studio said...

the shade suits u so well!! i think i am gonna try this range now.. :)

radha said...

Hi could u post the address of the shop where u found this range of lotus herbal lipsticks. I hv been searching 4 a very long time but all in vain. thank u

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