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Mac eye shadow- All that glitters review

Hey everyone,
So I have another Mac eye shadow review for you all. I have not collected too many Mac eye shadows because the Mac store near me opened only about a year and a half ago. And also I try not to shop just for the sake of shopping, but well any how I do end up doing that only, but then dont we all? :-S

Anyways back to the eye shadow, I am a huge neutral shadow fan. Ever since I was little, if you give me to compare a neutral and coloured eye shadow, I d always pick the neutral ones. Oh well thats my little obsession with neutral eye shadows. About this eye shadow I would have to say that All that glitters is not gold, its infact a beautiful beige kind of a colour with micro mini shimmer particles since it is a veluxe pearl one. And I love this one.

Price:- 680 or 720/- in the pan form and 900/- otherwise.

Here a little story of mine. Whenever I go to Mac I literally eat the SA's head to get that one product I am absolutely satisfied with. Because of this behavior I love everything I own from Mac and dont regret any of my purchases. Once at the store I asked the guy there to show me how all that glitters would look on me. First of all that man probably used a concealer ( yes the stiff big brush ) to put eye shadow on my eyes, poor me had to bear the pokey brush all the time he was putting the eye shadow on. Secondly, as soon as I saw my eye in the mirror it looked as if he put some ash coloured eye shadow on me. I looked instantly sick and thought no no no this thing might only suit people who are like really fair, not me. I asked him to try some other eye shadows, but every single one of them looked equally bad. Hence, I had to walk out without any eye shadow purchases. But that did not make me give up on this eye shadow. I went to another Mac store in some other city and asked the lady there if this colour looks good only on fair skintones? She said no it looks good on all the skintones. To convince me, she did my eye makeup using two or three different colours and this looked so good. I just went ahead and bought it. I can definitely say this shadow has not disappointed me.

Well, that was my small yet rather long story that I had to share with you all. Back on topic now. I love this eye shadow, it so good for neutral eyes. Makes your eyes look so pretty and nice. I have used it many times and it is one of my favorites. It appears very bright on the eyes and not over the top.
My feeble attempt to capture the name :-/

You can use it with different colours or with darker shaded of brown. This just goes well with everything. You also use it with a coloured eye liner.

On me this lasts around 4 to 5 hours depending upon the temperature outside ( Oh yeah, how long anything lasts on me depends on the weather always since I am the sweaty types, just cant bear the heat ). If it is too hot like every other eye shadow it creases. It settles into all the lines on my eye lid. But if you're not the oily and sweaty types I am sure this will go on for hours.

The finish is veluxe pearl which I totally love because it is like butter. It glides so easily, has an amazing sheen to it and has almost no fall out. Love it for that.

Swatches are as below:-

If you guys love neutral colours which are smooth to apply and look good on everyone then definitely buy this. I m sure you ll like it.
I have applied the eye shadow in a hurry here, so not blended properly :-P

1. Smoothest texture
2. Beautiful colour
3. No fall out
4. Easy to blend

1. Creases in hot climate
2. Price but then its Mac

My rating:- 4/5

Purchase if you love neutrals, like smooth texture, no fall out, easy to blend eye shadows.

Dont purchase if you have too many neutrals, like colour on your lids, like mattes.

Have a great weekend guys :)


suhani chopra said...

Super sexy haiii yarrr....will buy it for sure..thanks

suhani chopra said...

Super sexy haiii yarrr....will buy it for sure..thanks

Goga said...

i m glad you liked it.. Its amazingly pigmented and pretty looking :) welcome :)

Ritu said...

looks cool! would have loved to see an eotd!

Goga said...

i do have one! Will upload :)

Preetha Karthik said...

this is a very pretty shade..loved ur eotd..well i also eat up the MUA's head at the MAC store..hoever i hav made some good frds so they always help me the beginning i was havin a tough time..but now i know to choose on my own..:)

Goga said...

Thank you. Its sort of same with me. Now they know me by face so its easier to eat their head now ;-)

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

This is such a pretty colour :D it's one of my all time favorites and one of the first evere MAC eyeshadows i purchased :D


Goga said...

This was my second eye shadow purchase from Mac. Thank you for the visit Sophia :)

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