Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Biotique Bio sandalwood face and body sunscreen Spf 50+ FOTD

Hi guys,
I hope everyone’s week is going good. I thought I would write about the sunscreen that I used a lot during the summers before I got the Lotus herbals spf 70 one. I still like this Biotique one, but after my graduation I rarely go out in the sun, so all my sunscreens are being ignored at the moment. To know more about this one read on.

Product description:- You can read it on the pictures below.

Price:- 209/-

My take on it:-
As soon as the heat in Punjab began increasing, I thought that it was high time to buy a good sunscreen with a good SPF. My skin became the worst that it could be last year. I started using Biotique morning nectar and also consulted my dermatologist. And with constant efforts and with the help of organic stuff like Biotique my skin became so much better. That is when I thought that I need to get more of Biotique stuff because I really liked their herbal ingredients and nothing ever irritated my skin. So i ordered it online because the entire range was not available in my city. I really liked this sunscreen and went for it.
Soon after I had to go on my college trip to Rajasthan, and this trustworthy sunscreen also went along with me. I constantly reapplied and took proper care of being out of the skin. But still you know when you go out and have fun you just cant ignore the sun altogether. But this sunscreen prevented me from being tanned like big time. When I came home I noticed that I was a little tanned but not like I used to be earlier. It was such minimal colour difference. That is when I knew the power of applying a good sunscreen and reapplying it often.

The only problem that I find with this sunscreen is that in the extreme summers it makes me a bit greasy like every other product does. It bore the Rajasthan heat well enough and I had absolutely no problems of greasiness or something. It suits girls who have normal to dry skin very well. But this poor baby has been getting ignored by me since so long because I stay at home most of the time and even if I go out its always in the evenings. But this is definitely a really good product for its price which also helps you from getting tanned.
As soon as the weather here becomes better I am definitely resorting back to it. But if you guys have sensitive skin and want something herbal and effective, then do have a look at this very sunscreen lotion. Even if it makes my skin greasy a bit I can always use it on my body. I am almost out of this one and as soon as it finishes I am definitely going to buy it again. Its very promising and hey prevents me from tanning.
Lets move on to the pros and cons:-

1.       Easily available
2.       Inexpensive
3.       Prevents tanning
4.       Broad spectrum UV protection
5.       Herbal
6.       Safe for sensitive skin people
7.       Has a nice herbally smell

1.       A bit greasy so wont really suit people with too much oily skin

aAnd here is a picture where I am wearing it underneath Maybelline BB cream. :) Hope all of you like it.

Would I repurchase?
Maybe not. Not too sure, I like trying out new stuff.

My rating:- 4/5
Take care guys! J


dolly... said...

i still use it every morning i dont find it greasy....its just moisturising...

Goga said...

why dont you use the VLCC one and finish it up? :-P

Coral Crue said...

You look super gorgeous!

Goga said...

Thank you so much :) :)

Jennifer Bobby said...

i have this too.... the greasiness goes away after it is absorbed nicely......good for dry skin but dont trust its SPF ability.... but i love biotique..... :)

Goga said...

I love Biotique too :) The SPF quality is good too. It prevented me from tanning much in the extreme sunlight and heat of Rajasthan :)

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