Friday, 24 August 2012

Maybelline clear glow compact review

Hey guys,

I had this post pending since so long that I thought I would finally write about it today. Oh, and by the way I am wearing my new nail polish and I am loving it ^_^. So I got this compact powder around January and the I was buying the BB cream when the boxes arrived with this powder in it. So I just went ahead and I bought one for myself. The SA was trying to give me the lightest shade but I refused her and bought this one instead. I have no idea why these ladies do that to you. When I say something does not match, its for fair skin, she tells me "Aap bhi toh gore hi ho ( You are fair too)". Then I just sigh, get irritated and either leave the product or buy a darker shade. I wonder when they will finally learn to be honest with their customers.

Anyways back onto this product.

Price:- 175/- The main reason why I bought this.

I did not really need another powder but it was so inexpensive that I had to give it a try. I have used it quite a lot since then and I had mixed feelings about it. It gives a nice coverage and the texture is so smooth with no fall out. But for my oily skin it just does not do it job very well. It does not help at all in controlling my nose's oil factory.

It nicely evens out the skintone and gives you a good coverage. The sponge can be used to apply it. It can also be made wet with water and used with this compact. Either way it works good. If you consider the price, it is so good for that. And if you are a beginner in makeup it is a must have since you can experiment with it and try it out.

I feel like it is the BB cream in a compact form. IT claims to have SPF too but I never skip my sun protection so that is of no use to me. I have the 2 nd lightest shade and it matches me very well. It does mattify my skin when I apply it but the effect does not really last too long. But then I dont think this is to blame for it. The temperature is so bad in Punjab that people like me when wear makeup, the poor makeup melts down too soon.

The packaging is really cute and girly with two compartents, one with the powder and the other with the sponge. There are some holes under the sponge, I really dont understand for what. Maybe it need to breathe or something :-/

I really like its texture. It does not cake or anything and applies very smoothly. It provides a nice coverage and finish. I would mainly recommend it to people with normal to dry skin and not oily skin.

1. Really inexpensive
2. Nice texture
3. Applies smoothly
4. Does not cake
5. Provides good coverage
6. Can be used wet too

1. Not for people with oily skintones ( But then in such a good price you can't have everything)
2. Stupid brand tests on animals

My rating:- 4/5


Vish said...

v nice i alwaz read gud reviews abt dis
wud try it soon
may b in winters ;)
I have dry skin ;)

Little Drama Queen said...

I use this one! I love it :) Its good for everyday use :)

Goga said...

@ Vish, you would love it in that case. It really does nt look like its that inexpensive :)

Goga said...

@Little Drama Queen.. I know its perfect for everyday use and is pretty inexpensive too :)

Jennifer Bobby said...

i dont find much difference btwn this one and their whitestay one; that was also cheaper....:)

Goga said...

Hii Jennifer. I have used that one too. It was also nice :) Nice blog you have, I m already your follower :)

Anonymous said...

I have oily skin.. thankyou for saving me from buying this :D

Goga said...

i m so glad i could help :)

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