Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The body shop Vanilla blliss lip balm review

Hey everyone,

So as you all must know The Body shop has a sale going on currently. Although there is not much discount on the permanent products but there is a huge off on the limited edition products. Its like clearance sale for limited edition stuff. And one of them is this. Stupid me had to go out and buy this lip balm thinking it will be discontinued a little before the actual sale. Now that it is on 50% off I thought I should share my review on it so that atleast you guys and avail the discount :)

Price:- 400/- without discount and 200/- after 50% off

First of all I love its cute shape. It is like a mushroom and yes it does remind me of an EOS lip balm. You can refer to the review of that here. I have no idea what happened to me one day and I just had to get this lip balm. I Believe it was mostly because I am a vanilla fan and this thing had such a cute shape. Enough about that, it is pretty easy to use and pretty strong too.

If you dont know this already then let me tell you, I have eczema prone lips and many things end up reacting on me. So I am always vary on what balm to use. Earlier the EOS balms and Nivea balms have never cause any reactions and I still use them. This balm from TBS is also very good, did not react and keeps my lips so soft and eczema free ( YAY for that ). So full marks on that front. The quantity is good enough. 

The lip balm has very fine shimmer which are not too visible on the lips but have a serious tendency of spreading to other parts of the face and glittering. The fragrance is a vanilla one, its good but I would have preferred if it were vanilla-er :-P It keeps the lips soft all day and feels so good on them. Since I do not have chapped lips I have no idea if it will heal them.
See the fine shimmer particles

Overall, it is a very good product and I do not think you should miss out on it when you're getting such heavy discount.

1. Cute shape
2. Smooth 
3. Keeps lips soft
4. Not too expensive
5. Did not cause any reaction on my lips

1. The shimmer at times spreads on the face

My rating:- 4.9/5

Go grab yours now and share with me if you already got one :)


Sukanya said...

nice review.. i love everything that says vanilla LOL

Anonymous said...

i have this too and love it! even thinking abt getting anthr one on sale:P

Coral Crue said...

good stuff this one :)

preethi Prasad said...

Wow...good for 200

Goga said...

Thank you guys :) DO get it before it goes out of stock

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