Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My nail paints+lipsticks organizers!

Hi guys,

I went shopping with mom this weekend. We were looking for some home stuff and while we were about to leave I came across so many different types of makeup organizers. I was so confused on which one to pick that I literally spent almost 15 minutes just picking up one box after the other. Finally I zeroed in on this biggest drawer which I thought would fit my nail paints and hair stuff very well. 

Since I live in a PG here I really want my room to stay organized and neat. I m a freak in that way. I cant get something off my mind once it appears. Anyways I bought this lipstick holder from some other store for 400/- approx and I was so happy to have found it since I had been thinking of ordering one from ebay. 

Anyways no more blabber, here are the pictures. Do share with me your tips on how you organize these items of yours :)

Coral/Beige nail paints

Pink nail paints

Some random ones

Hair clips, rubber bands etc

Random lip stuff :)

Let me know what you guys think :)


Shourima Ghosh said...

super cute! love the clips! i too have the same lipstick holder!

All.things.pretty said...

I love the lipstick holder! Mine are all over the place :P

Sunshine Beauty said...

awesome collection :)

Goga said...

Thank you girls :)

rachna sharma said...

I luv ur nailpaint organiser;)

Goga said...

Thank you Rachna

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