Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Body shop Cottonseed Curl boosting serum review!

Hi girls,

A few days ago I had posted about my recent haircare routine. Today I thought I would write about one of my favorite products these days in detail. If you want to see my haircare routine, go check this link here. I did not have really curly hair when I was young but as I grew my hair has become so much curlier. I love the texture now and would not trade it for anything. The one problem I have at times is that my hair can get frizzy but I m glad I found the perfect product to keep those curls in place. Read on to know more about it.

Price:- 795/- for 150 ml

I think I had read some reviews on it online after which I was very intrigues to try it out to see how it fares on my hair. The first time I used it, I did the mistake of using it on dry hair. Since it has a lotion like consistency, it made the hair sticky and weird. That told me that this needs to be used on wet hair and not dry. It is most preferred if it is used on wet hair and not even damp.

 I use it as the last part of my hair routine, Apply a little less than a coin size amount on my palm and rub them together then run my hands through the hair spreading it evenly throughout. Then I just take a few sections and curl my hair with my fingers, I just spiral it around my finger. Then just flip hair once and I m good to go. Let those finger curls be since they would keeping those curls in place.

Oh and how beautiful it makes my hair look after its dried. The best part is that it tames the top most layer which always tends to fly away a lot. This product WILL NOT work for people with straight hair. This is mainly for making natural curls curlier. If you have straight hair and want curls its better to go for some curling rod instead.

My hair stays really curly for one day after which the curls open up a bit after the second day. But overall I love how it makes my hair look. It is a bit expensive but then a little goes a long way. I m sure it would last easily for 6 months. This is one of my favorite products from the Body Shop. I love it and would highly recommend it to people with curly and unruly hair :P

1. Makes hair less frizzy
2. Enhances the curls
3. Easily available
4. No heat required
5. Good quantity

1. Makes hair sticky if used on dry hair

My rating:- 5/5, I love it :)


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