Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Revlon Mad About Mauve lipstick review plus FOTD!

Hiya girls,

I m back with another lipstick review. It has been so long since I last reviewed a lipstick. Lipsticks are my favorite part of makeup. I just love buying them and also reviewing them. I think on my blog I have the maximum number of lipstick reviews. Lets get on with this one :)

Price:- 525/-

I bought this one just because I was bored and wanted a new lipstick. I searched between some nude and pink lipsticks and finally zeroed on this one since I liked how it looked on me. This is my first Revlon Super lustrous lipstick purchase and I really like the formula. But then I m rarely disappointed with any of my lipsticks.

Lets start off with the color. The color is Pink with a very slight hint of Coral ( Very slight ). It is almost 2 shades darker than Cosmo and would be the perfect pink lipstick for darker girls. I m sure this one would not wash anyone out and would look perfect on everybody. On me its looks like a very nice pink, you can see the pictures of me wearing it on my lips.

The texture is very smooth and glides easily on the lips. I would not recommend you to wear this with Lip balm on your lips. I have noted that whenever I use it over the lip balm, after about 30 minutes it goes lighter in the centre part of the lips. I dont like when my lipsticks look uneven and I then have to touch it up. I dont get this problem when I use it without a lipbalm. The texture is smooth enough to be used without a balm.

The lasting power is a good 4 hours and it does survive carefully had meals :P 

I have a big complain with the packaging of these lipsticks. I have not seen a single one without any issues. This one is just so hard to rotate. It keeps getting stuck and almost spoils my lipstick. I hate the boring black packaging. I m an all up for girly and cute package girl :)

Overall, I think this lipstick is good value for money apart from the packaging problems. I love the color on me, its so easy to wear everyday and I think you can pull it off for any occasion. 

Hope this gives you an idea of how it looks on me.


1. Universally flattering color
2. Smooth texture
3. Good staying power
4. Easily available
5. Does not stain
6. No weird smell to it

1. Bad packaging

My rating:- 4/5


Parita said...

you look lovely!

preethi Prasad said...

Love how it looks on u

Shikha S said...

you look good :)

rachna sharma said...

Pretty pretty!

Goga said...

Thank you girls :):)

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